The Effing Teenage Years

Parents often think that raising children in the toddler stages is the most difficult. I used to be this parent, until we entered into the unknown world of teenagers.

Do you remember having a bad day, and then your toddler would come hug you and proclaim how much they loved you? Those days are gone, raising a teenager is challenging and there is little sign of appreciation. You have gone from being their best friend and their super hero to be the world’s most hated enemy number 1 without any warning.

The Effing Teenager Years is quite similar to that of the Terrible Twos, Trying Threes and the Ferocious Fours all packaged nicely with a big fat red ribbon.  Yet, the Effing Teenage Years doesn’t just last for one or two years.

The teenage years have been challenging, almost like walking in a field full of land mines. Living with a teenager is confusing and frightening. You just never know what mood you will be faced with today. The teenager has many moods, the sweet teenager,  the sleepy teenager, the rude teenager, the sassy teenager, the hungry teenager and my least favorites, the know-it-all teenager and the angry teenager.

The sleepy and hungry teenager is the most harmless. You’ll often find this child laying in their bed playing video  games or watching Netflix, only to make an appearance to whine and complain about how long you are taking to prepare dinner. I’m sorry sweet child, would you like to make it yourself?

The rude and sassy one, this child is always around when it’s time to help with chores or time to go and visit family. You’ll get the eye rolls and the loud sighs as they stomp around, pouting about how they have to do everything.  The more you poke and push, the tantrum will grow and you will find yourself with a visit from the angry teenager. The angry teenager is loud, obnoxious and will tell you they hate you without batting an eyelash.  If you’re seeing this angry teenager, you can forget about winning Mother of the Year.

The Effing Teenage Years has a special guest that I like to call the Know-It-All Teenager. They are never wrong about anything and in fact they know everything.  They magically believe that they are not only smarter than you, but they are better than Google. Oh, did I mention that they have an opinion about anything and everything? There will be no such thing as a private conversations in your household, the know-it-all will always be there to add in their two cents, especially if they can prove you wrong in any way, shape or form.

When the children were cute little toddlers I could still hold my own, put them on time out and if all else failed they could be bribed with stickers and cookies. I dare you to try these tricks with a twelve or fourteen year old standing in front of you, looking down at you because now they are much taller than you.  You no longer have the ability to strike fear into them with your “loud” voice.  No matter how many times I stand there and proclaim that I am being serious, my children often just stare at me and after a minute or two they resume their normal activities.

Through all the moody teenage phases, you will also still see them as your sweet, loving child that you have raised. It will be rare, but every now and again you will catch a glimpse of this child.  This teenager will talk to you, hug you and tell you how wonderful you are and this child knows that no matter what you will always be there for them. The teenager years often don’t come with any warnings or rewards, so when your teenagers proclaims that you’re mean or that you’re the world’s worst mother, adjust your tiara and wear that badge proudly for these years will soon pass.

If you are raising a teenager, what has been the biggest challenge for you? Share them with us.

25 thoughts on “The Effing Teenage Years

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I often think back and say that I was more tame and reserved.

  1. I have been told many times that after every year it just gets worse and worse and then they move out…. lol!!!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! I have 4 kids. I have made it through 2 with the teenage years and my youngest 2 are currently in those years (13 & 15). I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it through this past year. My youngest (13 year old boy who turns 14 in 2 months) tells me over and over again not to worry about anything with him, he isn’t going to do all that drama that his older 3 siblings do/did lol.

    1. Hahahaha kids are so funny. Good job on surviving those teen years already. 2 down, 2 more to go.

  3. Love this post! It made me laugh because it is so perfectly true. We’re right in the thick of the tween-teen years also and it is like having 5 kids in one!

  4. I think the teenage years are running into Pre-teen years because we have a 10 year old girl and 1 minute she is sweet as pie and the next Godzilla has unleashed. Imagine what the teenage years will be like …. HELP!!

  5. I don’t have a teenager yet but I taught 8th graders for six years. The biggest thing I remember thinking was how they were soooo wrapped up in thinking the world revolved around them. Funny though, I think we still struggle with this as adults…

    1. Teenagers are tough sometimes. I couldn’t imagine having to look after and deal with 20 or more at one time.

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