Raising a Teenage Daughter

From the time I announced my second pregnancy, I remember being told how lucky I was to be having the “Millionaire’s Family”; one girl and one boy. Picture perfect family, cross that off my list.

Being a new parent is hard and challenging on its best day. You might have even thought you had this parenting thing down, but then you decided to toss in a second child and you quickly realized that you have no idea what you are doing.

I quickly noticed the differences between boys and girls, shortly after my son’s birth. He was a difficult baby, cried all the time and would only sleep snuggled in a front carrier. I blame all my back pain on that little boy. Everyone told me it’d get easier. I was overwhelmed with a baby and a toddler and waited… and waited. It wasn’t getting any easier. From potty training to teaching him how to tie his own shoes and everything in between, raising a boy had proved to be more challenging.

I’ve heard many people recently complain and express how difficult raising a boy has been. Well, as a mom of one boy and one girl, I can tell you that by far raising a girl has been one of the most challenging adventures I have been faced with.

You’d think that raising a girl would be an easy home run. I mean, after all I am a girl and have years of experience with understanding girl language. Yet most days, I strike out and I’m left staring blankly as I mutter, “WTF?” a couple, hundred times.

Raising a daughter was not always difficult. There was a time when they were little, sweet and oh so precious. We’d spend our days making puzzles, playing dress-up or having Barbie fashion shows.

What is so challenging about raising a teenage girl?

We have the newly found attitude that happened overnight. You know that sweet little girl that once adored you and would shout loudly how much she loves you? Forget about her, those days are over. Should you happen to ask her to accompany you on the weekly grocery shopping trip, she’ll roll her eyes and sigh loudly as she climbs into the front seat.

Your teenager will now lie to you and they are incredibly creative when they are attempting to pull a fast one over you. Pick your battles wisely, don’t call them out on every little small thing.

You will also have to deal with PERIODS. Not only will you be spending much more money on maxi-products, but you’ll soon realize the abundance of products available for young girls and it’ll make your head spin. Maybe, if you’re lucky, your cycles will sync and you can deal with the raging hormones and the misery in the same week.

Then there will be crushes, both on celebrities and the boys at school. This is a nightmare, because the crushes will often change and you are expected to keep up on the latest updates and gossip. You will quickly know and understand every lyrics behind every Justin Bieber or One Direction song.

The next few years will be difficult and may push you to your limits. As trying as it may be, remember that she is still your sweet little girl and there will be times that she will need you. You will find your balance to be that bad-ass parent that will survive these teen years.

Are you raising a teenager? What has been the biggest challenger for you? How did you overcome this challenge? Share your stories with us.

16 thoughts on “Raising a Teenage Daughter

  1. Oh wow, your two sound EXACTLY like my two! Stacey turned 13 this year and transformed into a moody teenager overnight. She talks to me like something she’s stepped in, will only help around the house if you bribe her with money, and everything we do as a family is now declared ‘borrrrring!’ Oscar on the other hand, is 3 and loves spending time with his mummy. Declares everything ‘super awesome’ and does more around the house than his sister! Yet we have the night time battle where he refuses to sleep every.single.night. He usually nods off around 5am and then is up at 7 full of beans! Why does he not need a full 8 hours?! Parenting is so much fun 😉 lol

    Louise x

    1. Ouch, sleeping so few hours would leave me super cranky. Kids, they sure keep us on our toes!!! I’m hoping you’ll be able to get some sleep soon momma.

  2. I have 2 boys and one girl, and my girl has been the hardest to look after. My boys have been easy and really laid back. She is only 7 and I am already dreading her teenage years

  3. I always think of teenagers in general as total “woe is me” and “the world revolves around me” mentality. Take a teenage girl and it sounds like we need to multiply that a few times!

    1. Teenage years are different, and hectic.. not in a bad way. I love her to bits, but it’s a challenge.

  4. My eldest son was hard work as a baby, all he use to do was cry and was so unsettled. The only time he would stop crying is when I was carrying him around! As a teenager, he’s much more chilled lol. My daughter is only 9 but already she’s changing. Oh the dramaz haha.

  5. I have a tween and she’s about to drive to drink. Haha. You’re right. They go from “zero to 60” in 1 minute. They love you one minute and the next you are ruining their lives. I cannot tell you how much I love hearing this from other moms. Not because I want us all to be miserable (but misery does love company) but because I need to know we are normal. Ugh.

    1. I agree Dawn, it’s nice to know that you are not doing anything wrong and that it’s a normal phase.

  6. I have a boy, but this sounds so like my sister when she was younger, she suddenly turned into a monster overnight.

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