A Conversation I Never Thought I’d Have

First, let me just say that we are not  a typical family. We’ve always had good-hearted and open conversations with our children.  But with that said there are still some topics in life that I never imagined I’d have to talk about with my son.

My period is one of them.

My son has a sister, a mother and one day will have a wife and his own daughter. I want him to be able to understand woman and

how their bodies work. I’ve taught him to be understanding, supportive and patient.  He has tagged along with me on many pharmacy shopping trips and asked me why there was no boy stuff in that aisle. I’d quietly explain to him that not all men are confidant or supportive enough to venture down these aisles. It can be an embarrassing adventure for both women and men. He’s told me before, that it’s part of life and not embarrassing and that he would shop for his wife or daughter, not every time, but sometimes. Good effort my son.

But nothing could prepare me for the discussion we were about to have right there in the family room as I was telling my husband about my day and how it was rudely visited by an unfriendly visitor. I was complaining about cramps and how I made an unscheduled trip to the pharmacy that day, that’s when I heard a giggle from across the room. There stood my son, staring me straight in the face as he asked me, why don’t you use tampons? He then continued to explain how it just seemed like a much easier solution because you could just plug and go.  I swear I nearly died right there in that moment.

I’ve always been pretty open with my children and answered many questions that have asked over the years, so when Ethan wanted to talk periods, we did just that.  I explained to him that there are various products available to girls and because every period and girl is different that not everyone uses the same products.

The conversation might have ended there but the giggles and laughs will linger around for a lifetime.


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22 thoughts on “A Conversation I Never Thought I’d Have

    1. Boys are awesome, I find they have no filter and they say whatever pops into their little minds. Thank you so much for reading.

  1. I have two daughters – and no sons – I tip my hat to you and all the awesome moms raising the next generation of young men who are teaching them to be understanding and supportive spouses and friends to the women in their lives.

    1. Louise, thank you for your comments. It’s important to me that I raise my son to respect and understand women. I don’t want him to be ignorant about women related issues.

  2. haha That’s awesome! I think it’s pretty important for boys to learn about periods. My 5 year old came running out of the bathroom one day when we had guests over holding a pad and screaming “Mommy, I found your diaper” LOL.

    1. Heather, thank you so much for inviting me. I’m so excited to participate in the #momsterslink

  3. That is so funny! Kids learn so much at an early age. That’s great that you are honest and explain these types of things instead of make up a story or excuse.

    1. Melissa, thank you so much for stopping over to read this story. I’m more of a tell it like it is mom, it’s part of life. He needs to get use to is and I don’t want him to be uncomfortable with it.

    1. That’s exactly it. I want him to be informed and to understand women. I don’t want my son to be ignorant to it, it is part of life.

    1. Hi Andrea. Thank you for taking the time read this story. It was a fun night that’s for sure. I’m trying to raise him up right.

  4. Hahahahahhaahhahaha! My son (3) bursted in the the bathroom one day…he was so super concerned. “Mommy, are you okay?” “Mommy, do we need to go to the doctor?” And my favorite, “Mommy, why you got that big bandaid?” 😳🤗😂

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