Don’t Let Bad Habits Cut Your Life Short

No one likes the idea of their life being cut short, but we all do things every single day which we know is slowly killing us. We only get one life, and living a long and happy one to spend as much time with loved ones as we can is surely the most important thing in the world. If you want to put yourself on a path for a happier and healthier future, here are a few things to think about.

Quit Smoking

We’ve all heard of someone who smoked until they were ninety and were fine, whether it’s a grandparent or a friend of a friend. However, for the most part, smokers aren’t this lucky. Something that almost all older people have in common is that they don’t smoke. Cigarettes are linked with all kinds of cancers from lung to mouth to throat and so much more. It increases blood pressure and harms every cell in the human body. states that smoking is responsible for more deaths than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol, motor vehicle injuries and firearm incidents COMBINED. It truly is an epidemic, and so continuing to smoke just because you know of one person who got away with it is not a good idea. For that one person that lived a long life smoking, millions of others died painful and avoidable deaths. Since quitting cold turkey can be difficult, you could try switching to e-cigarettes first. Research has shown once people move onto these, they find quitting easier so can be a useful transition. There are all kinds of other stopping smoking products out there too, speak to your GP if you need more advice.

Eat The Right Diet

Most of us are guilty of eating the wrong foods. It’s so easily done, these days everything is prepackaged and convenient- the only problem is these meals contain all kinds of hidden nasties. There are fast food restaurants and other eateries at every corner, many open all night so there’s easy access to everything you could want. Combined with busy lifestyles and long working hours, there no wonder so many of us take the easy option. But the wrong foods can lead to all kinds of problems. Too much fat and sugar can lead to obesity which comes with its risks- heart disease and diabetes being just two of them. Certain chemicals have also been known to cause cancer, and when your diet is high in rubbish and lacking in fresh produce, you don’t get the health benefits from them. Fruits and veggies are full of antioxidants, fiber and good nutrition which will help you to thrive and ward off illness. While you should be aiming to get all of your nutrition from food, taking supplements as an insurance policy is no bad thing, A multivitamin will suit just about everyone, if you follow a special diet such as veganism you might want to take a calcium supplement along with vitamin b12. If you use a food tracker to keep a diary, it will show you a breakdown of the nutrients you’ve eaten and what you lack in. That way you’re able to put this right to avoid becoming deficient.

Break Your Addictions

Drugs and alcohol are highly poisonous chemicals which the human body just can’t process. Over time, damage to the organs can occur, it can affect fertility, weaken bones, damage the skin and so much more. According to, help by professionals away from an unhealthy environment is what’s needed to break the cycle of addiction. If you’re struggling, checking into a rehab could quite literally save your life. It can put you on a better path and set you up for a happier and healthier future. Drug and alcohol recovery is usually a two step process. The first is detoxing the chemical from the body, and the second is re-training the mind.

Exercise More

There’s a reason the government provides guidelines on recommended exercise, but according to 80% of Americans don’t get enough. Sticking to this means you lower your risk for all kinds of health conditions. Exercise can burn excess calories to help you control your weight. It builds strong muscles and bones and can improve your mental health too. Since exercise releases endorphins (the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemicals) it can give you a natural ‘high.’ Plus, a toned physique is good for your confidence and self-esteem. When you keep physically fit, it allows you to get out there and live your life without getting easily fatigued. And of course, regular exercise will help you live longer due to the benefits provided to the body.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Speaking of mental health, this is another area that you need to look after when you’re hoping to live a long and happy life. Not only can poor mental health directly lead to death by suicides or from risky behavior, but research has established a clear link between body and mind, explains more. If you want to keep your body health, you have to keep your mind healthy as well. Take up productive hobbies and find things you enjoy. Socialize, make time for loved ones and meet new people as often as possible. You could travel or go exploring- just enjoy life. When you feel happy in yourself, you’re far more likely to want to take care of your body.

We all know we should be looking after our bodies, and while this isn’t new or revolutionary information, hopefully, it’s a little reminder. We only get one body and one life. Look after yours as best you can, to ensure you live a happy and worthwhile existence. Don’t just believe that illness is something that ‘happens to someone else.’

What do you do to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a healthier tomorrow? Are you planning on quitting any bad habits?

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