Striking A Balance Between Your Sleep and Baby’s

Sleep, true bliss that wraps you in its embrace for 7 hours a night and takes away all the pain. We take it for granted or subject it to neglect but sleep always opens its arms wide in welcome. As they say, you never know what you have until it’s gone, Sleep isn’t treasured until a baby is born! Oh, the Humanity! The baby eats away the sleep and smothers what little relaxation you may encounter. The sad thing is that the whole time your baby disrupts your sleep, the baby is getting no sleep himself. There is no exact science to mastering sleep cycles and catching a couple hours of rest yourself; But, here are some things you could try:

1.The Strategy of Light

Darkness, universally, suggests sleep. Use light to your advantage. Turn the lights off when trying to put your baby to sleep. During the day, introduce tons of light into the room so that with time your baby gets accustomed to the the light patterns and develops an appropriate sleep cycle.

2.Look Away

Making eye contact while putting the baby to sleep suggests that you want to have a conversation. Deter from looking at the baby and that may send them on the path of sleep. Face them away from you and talk in hushed tones as this works wonders too.

3.Midnight Snack

Feed your baby between 10 and 12 so that he or she may sleep undisturbed and full stomached for long hours. Do not try to burp your baby as this may completely set the baby awake and it may not be able to get any sleep.

4.Pay No Mind

Do not jump out of bed at the baby’s first squeal. Sometimes, the babies can go back to sleep on their own. In such a case, all your efforts to put them to sleep go into waking them up! So, the next time your baby is up, give him or her time to come to terms with sleep on their own before intervening.

5.Say it With a Kiss

Your baby can get irritable and you may at times, find yourself at the end of your wits. Remember, this little baby is just learning to live in the outside world. Hold the baby, swaddle and build an environment, safe and warm just like it was in the womb.

Getting some quality sleep can be an uphill battle. But the battle’s worth fighting knowing that there’s blissful sleep waiting on the other end.

Happy Parenting!

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30 thoughts on “Striking A Balance Between Your Sleep and Baby’s

  1. This is a wonderful post. I am actually in the process of sleep training my little one but I am also not too strict since she’s so little still. But the tips are great!

  2. My youngest was 3.5 before I had a full night’s sleep. After that they both slept amazing well… and then I got insomnia *eye roll*. I’ve JUST managed to get myself back into a great routine and will never, ever underestimate a good night’s sleep again!

  3. I’m awful when I don’t have enough sleep so I dread to think what I’ll be like when I have kids! These sound like great tips, especially the one about eye contact – hadn’t thought of that before but it makes sense! 🙂

  4. Sleep was the hardest aspect of raising my youngest, who at 1.5 years still does not sleep through the night. We’ve gained some hard-earned successes, though, and she does much better than she used to.

    I also suggest using a noise machine. I don’t know what we’d have done without that miracle worker!

  5. Sleeping was the most interesting thing that I think we went through when B was a little baby. We used the dark method and not looking at him. I didn’t think about feeding him at midnight. That would have given us a little more sleep.

  6. These tips sound really helpful. If they can help us sleep better along with managing a baby, then they are definitely a life saver. I am going to try them right away

  7. I coslept with by babies it was the best thing I ever did. My sleep wake cycles were timed with my baby’s and I never felt tired. They all eventually grew out of it though and they all sleep in their own bed now. It’s not for everyone but it certainly worked for our family.

  8. Great advice! When my daughter was little, she loved looking around instead of napping. I would sometimes have to put her in the carrier and put the hood down, then rock her to sleep.

  9. Getting a good nights sleep is so important to babies and mums! Some useful tips here. I found when my baby woke up and was upset, going in and soothing him, by stroking his head or just being there, but not picking him up, helped him get back off to sleep. This was when he was older and kept waking in the night.

    1. Thank you so much. It’s amazing how many things need to be learned when you become a mom. I never expected sleeping to be one of them.

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