The Benefits Of Making Music Part Of Your Child’s Life

Whether you are someone who’s passionate about music or not, it’s important that you make music a part of your child’s life from a young age. The fact is that music is highly beneficial for children and babies for a range of reasons, which means that if you don’t already make music part of your children’s lives, you need to start. Whether it’s classical music or rock music, playing music or listening to music, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that music is a part of your children’s lives, here’s why

Music increases a child’s attention span

Various studies have shown that listening to and playing music helps to increase a child’s attention span. As for how music helps to increase a child’s attention span, it’s unknown. But what we do know is that in some way the melody of music helps children to focus for longer periods of time, improving their ability to learn new skills. Music is so effective at helping kids to focus that some schools play classical music quietly in the background during class.

It helps to develop a child’s listening skills

When they listen to music, kids begin to distinguish between different sounds, such as how loud or quiet an instrument is. They also begin to distinguish between the sounds that different instruments make, as well as the tones that different melodies carry. Because of this, listening to music helps children to develop and hone their listening skills.

Music stimulates the brain

Studies have shown that children that listen to or play classical music tend to score better in school tests and exams. The topics that children who listen to classical music or play it tend to score best in are math, languages, and engineering. Researchers aren’t sure why this is but classical music has the ability to stimulate the brain, making it easier for kids to focus at school and during tests.
Playing music builds confidence

Research has also shown that playing music helps to build a child’s confidence, which is why if your child asks to play a musical instrument or to have singing lessons, you let them. A great way that music can be used to increase a child’s confidence levels, even more, is to allow them to record their music and use a company like Nationwide Disc to burn it onto disks for them to give out to their family and friends, and also for them to listen to. By showing your child that you love the sound of their music or their voice, you can help to give their confidence a big boost.

It relieves stress

Music has been proven to help calm and soothe the mind, relieving stress and anxiety. To help your child to alleviate their stress, playing music can help, as can attending a music class together. There’s something about music that helps to calm and reassure, which is why it’s such a good tool for when your child is feeling upset and out of control.

Those are just a few reasons why music should be part of your child’s life – there are also many other benefits that music can have on a child.

10 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Making Music Part Of Your Child’s Life

  1. My children have always enjoyed music, and it’s something that featured a lot in their lives as babies and toddlers. As they have got a bit bigger, we don’t think about it so much but have read this I need to rethink that

  2. It was so refreshing ready this – fortunately my kids love music – between them they play the drums, guitar and clarinet. I love listening to music and we regularly play it over the weekend and when we can…

  3. Totally agree! I am a dance, drama and singing workshop leader for numerous theatre companies and I am passionate about music in education. Fab post!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  4. I love this post. As an early years teacher we used to hat music time with the kids and i loved it so much. There is so much a child can learn through music. LOVE IT!

  5. Growing up I was around music a lot, I did this singing class from very young till 4/5 then I played the violin and guitar (as well as the recorder of course). Music is probably still a big part of my life.

  6. Great post and definitely highlights reason why music should be part of a child’s life. I think schools should do a lot more as I feel they didn’t support it or highlight music is so important. I think you’ve touched upon a great point and could be a huge debatable subject…

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