Complete (and Easy) Guide To Create A Blog

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Congratulations on taking that giant step into embarking on your very own adventure in the blogging world.

I started The Busy Mom Diary one night as I stared hopelessly at a football game on the television that I really had no interest in. I needed a hobby and after reading several other blogs online I decided to give it a-go.

I am by no means a professional blogger, in fact I’m probably one of the most laziest bloggers. But over the past several months, I have been learning more and more about the ins and outs of a blog and I’ve created this very basic and simple guide to help other new bloggers on their way.

  1. Choose A Name

The hardest part is choosing the title of your blog. You’ll want to choose a name that will contribute to your niche (this is the specific topic of your blog, parenting, fashion, beauty, etc.) and will let your readers know what the blog is all about.

I created The Busy Mom Diary because my blog sprouted from my need for an outlet to embrace my parenting adventures and some difficult challenges that my family went through last year – I created my own little diary that I’m sharing with the world. Also, people immediately knows what my blog is about – being a busy mom.

  1. Domain Name and Hosting For Your New Domain

Now that you have selected your best Blog Title, you’ll want to register for a Domain Name This is how people will find you on the web.

There are so many different options available for bloggers from domain names to web hosting. The options are limitless, do your research and choose the best option for you.

Here is how I set up my blog with Blue Host. Blue host worked wonderfully, it allowed me to secure my domain name and was easy to include web hosting – all in one place.

The most important advice I can give you is to choose a .com site.  You can get so many different extensions with a domain name, but .com is the most used.

Choosing your plan

With  Blue Host, there are three unique plans available.

Basic $7.99/monthly

Plus   $10.99/monthly

Prime $14.99/monthly

*All prices are for 12 month option

*Blue Host offers several promotions at the monthly rate is often reduced. By using my referral link there is no additional cost to you. However, I may earn a few bucks. I got a really great 3-year deal with Blue Host and I would highly recommend them for any new blogger.

I chose the Basic Plan for my growing site.  I highly recommend going with the 12 month option when you are starting your site and blog. This will give you ample time to focus on content without having to worry about monthly invoices.

Once you have selected your plan, you’ll be guided to the domain page. This is where you can register your new domain or you can use your current domain name if you have one that you are already using. The best advice I can give you on this page is to select a domain ending in .com.

Next page you will fill in your personal information.  When you get to the bottom you will see this:

There are many different add-in options available for a nominal fee. It is your decision to add or remove these additional features. I opted to continue with the Domain Privacy and Sitelock Security. Don’t worry, if you are not sure about some features they can always be added in at a later date.

Congratulations! Your site now has amazing hosting and great customer service – all in one great spot.

  1. Installing WordPress

Go to your cPanel from “My Account” when logged into Blue Host,   Scroll until you see “WordPress Tools” and click on “WordPress Installer.”

Follow the easy prompts and within minutes you will be well on your way to completing your blog site.

Remember to save your username and password to access your blog.

You can select a theme to install and change this later after installation.  No worries there. I’ve gone through a few myself until I chose the one I have.  You’ll find what works best for your blog and brand.

  1. Create Content and Social Media

Now that you have successfully created your blog, it’s time to start having fun.  Build up your content and start sharing!!

There you have it – the easiest and best how to start a blog!  You can have it up and ready in between sports activities and homework.

Share your blog below.

20 thoughts on “Complete (and Easy) Guide To Create A Blog

  1. I just started to follow your blog and I love it. I was wondering if you had some advice I have a blog the mom diary just started haven’t even shared it yet but I am wanting to write about more then parenting and wonderif if my name will allow me to talk about other things besides being a mom or do I need to rethink the name and start over? And any advice on a name?

  2. Thank you for the tips I have question if you have the time. I started my own and I’m not sure of the name it’s the mom diary and I’ve come to realize I’d like to talk about more then just parenting with this name is it possible to our do I need to think of another name?

    1. I think you would be fine with that name. I’m the busy mom diary and write about more than just parenting.

  3. A nice helpful guide. It can be so exciting to start your blog, but also daunting. Step by step points like this can really help.

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