How You Can Balance Work And Family Life

Being a full-time working mom and blogger means that I have my juggling skills NAILED. There is always someone needing my time, something that needs filling in and a job that requires finishing. It can feel like it is never-ending at times, but the key is staying organized, and keeping focused. We can all achieve […]

Teenager Throwing Tantrum

Sometimes, a Teenager Is Just Like a Big Toddler

As a mom to three teenagers, I have found that teens are not much different than toddlers with the exception of their age and size. Many of the issues your toddler faces will return with a vengeance more than a decade later when your children become teens. Both toddlers and teens need constant attention and […]

An Open Letter To My Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend

To my daughter’s boyfriend, we may or may not have already met in person, and you’re probably wondering why is this crazy lady writing a letter about me? There are just so many things that I want to tell you about my daughter. I know that you’ve seen her million selfies, so you know that […]

Killer Ways For Busy Moms To Stay Fit Without The Gym

When you have kids, everything revolves around their needs. As a parent, you accept and enjoy it because their well-being means the world. Still, moms have to lead a healthy lifestyle too, which isn’t easy when you are run off your feet. Trying to hit the gym is nearly impossible, what with cooking meals, homework, […]

The Best Advice For Moms

Congratulations! Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, the fact is that you are about to be consumed with information, resources, and information from family, friends and even strangers walking down the street. It can be so overwhelming at times to weed through all the advice. Some you will take with a grain of salt […]

How To Make Your Kitchen Work For Any Occasion

Kitchen’s have the reputation as the hub and the heart of a home. It’s where we feed our families, socialize with friends, and teach our kids vital cookery skills. It’s an important place for the family to gather and lots of memories are made here. So if it is such an important room why neglect […]

Keeping Your Baby Safe in Their New Home

When you’ve got a baby on the way, there’s an endless list of things you need to do to prepare. One of the biggest things is making sure your house is completely safe before your little one arrives. You might think that your house is safe at the moment, but there are plenty of things […]

The Benefits Of Making Music Part Of Your Child’s Life

Whether you are someone who’s passionate about music or not, it’s important that you make music a part of your child’s life from a young age. The fact is that music is highly beneficial for children and babies for a range of reasons, which means that if you don’t already make music part of your […]

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