Amazing Apple Sauce

Last week, my mother brought over apples by the bag full. I can only eat so many apples before I start to lose my dang mind. These apples while they taste delicious, they are bruising and turning brown faster than I can peel them. I wanted to try something new, but  a baker I am […]

Bleh… Monday.. Go Away!

This morning I had a serious case of the Monday Blues. Maybe this is due in large part to the extreme insomnia that I have been experiencing the last few weeks or maybe it is because I have been up off and on since 2:30am with an upset stomach that kept me on the floor […]

Ham & Cheese Wraps

This brilliant idea has been so helpful to us in making sure the kids are getting a good nutritious lunch meal every day. It’s simple to make, can be made ahead of time and placed in the freezer for safe keeping.  In the evening, simple take the desired amount of wraps out of the freezer […]