Would You Rather? Mom Edition

Let’s play a game. You’ve been on the internet, so you’re probably familiar with the “would you rather…?” game. It’s basically a form of mental torture. You’re confronted with a variety of scenarios and you have to pick which you would rather do. The game can be played in two ways. The first is the […]

Mom Catch Phrases

As parents we do so much for our kids. But then there are the times when they’ve asked us the same question 100 times in a period of 5 minutes, we’re reached our limit and we have so much to say but we really shouldn’t say it so directly. So we say something completely different […]

A Conversation I Never Thought I’d Have

First, let me just say that we are not  a typical family. We’ve always had good-hearted and open conversations with our children.  But with that said there are still some topics in life that I never imagined I’d have to talk about with my son. My period is one of them. My son has a […]

Then and Now: Raising Children

At a recent family gathering as we all cooed at my cousin’s darling little baby, raising children quickly became a trending topic at the table. From raising boys, multiple children of the same gender or even one of each gender – the fact is that parenting has become much more difficult in recent years than […]

The Real Struggle: Mom Guilt

Being a parent has been the most-rewarding accomplishment that I have ever experienced in my life. It challenges me every day, makes me laugh countless hours and at times makes me want to pull my own hair out. Parenthood is complicated and changes you forever. From the moment a precious baby is placed into your […]

I Don’t Sweat Like That…

Last night while watching tv with the family, I had looked down to check my phone during a commercial. I wasn’t paying much attention, was just browsing through Facebook. When I suddenly heard my daughter ask, “Why is that lady sweating so much?”  I turned to look at realized it was a commercial for menopause. […]

50 About Me

Today, I’m going to keep it simple. I borrowed this idea from Ashley, over at The Geeky Mama Blog. Check out her posts, just click on the link and head right over! So without further delay, here is 50 about me. 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?  Not that I am aware of. Though, when […]