Helping Your Kid Overcome A Tough Subject

We all remember that one subject in school which gave us grief. Perhaps you could never get your head around numbers in math, or maybe you merely found history lessons too dull and didn’t pay attention. It’s natural that your child is going to experience the same thing in school. Perhaps they’ll struggle with the […]

8 School Fundraising Ideas

Schools are great opportunities for fundraising projects. These could be done as part of a school fete or organized independently. If you’ve been thinking of hosting a school fundraising event, here are a few ideas that are certain to get people involved. Have a bake sale Got a talent for baking? Both children and adults […]

Make The School Runs Happy Ones

Doing the school runs can be one hell of a stressful time – even though it shouldn’t be – it just is. But there are many ways you can prevent it from being a nightmare, and instead, make it an enjoyable time. Prepare The most important thing is to start the morning off right. To […]

The Rising Costs Of School Trips

What would you do if your child wanted to go on a week-long school trip that you just couldn’t afford? Most schools will take kids on day trip every year, and these can be reasonably affordable. However, it is the longer residencies that see classes stay somewhere for a few nights that can be quite […]

Review: Grammarly

** this post includes  Affiliate Links, please read our  full disclaimer. Are you sure that’s even English? I have muttered that question to myself time and time again as I attempt to proofread my articles. I’m embarrassed to say that often I wonder if I was ever actually paying attention back in 10th Grade English. […]

Take Your Kid To Work Day

A few weeks ago, my daughter proudly brought me here permission form to participate in the city-wide grade 9 program, Take Your Kid to Work Day.  If you are not familiar with this program, it’s exactly how it sounds. A day that you bring your child to work with you. They spend the entire day […]

A Child I Didn’t Recognize

Life with an anxious child is not easy. The simplest of daily tasks can be a major battle. Things you might once have thought were a breeze to get through are suddenly huge obstacles that you may often try to avoid. Now imagine daily struggles with your child that sprung out of nowhere. One day […]

Then & Now: Bullying

Bullying seems to have advanced at an alarming rate over the last couple of decades. In fact, I don’t remember any bullying during my school years. I am not saying that bullying did not exist, just that it was different and we often didn’t hear about it unless we were part of the situation. Bullying […]

Ham & Cheese Wraps

This brilliant idea has been so helpful to us in making sure the kids are getting a good nutritious lunch meal every day. It’s simple to make, can be made ahead of time and placed in the freezer for safe keeping.  In the evening, simple take the desired amount of wraps out of the freezer […]

Four Secrets For Back To School Season

The first day of school never had me feeling overwhelmed with anxiety or shedding any tears. Tuesday, the day after Labour Day, for as long as I can remember always meant the start of a new school year.   This brought on many first day photos plastered along my Facebook NewsFeed together with the thoughts of […]