Common Kids’ Health Problems To Look Out For

When you become a parent, your kids instantly become the most precious thing in the world to you. The instant you see their angelic little faces, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your child happy and healthy. There’ll be a little few cuts and bruises, especially if you have boys. However, there are various other health issues which are common in children. Here are a few to prepare for…

Chicken Pox

This is the one health concern that almost everyone in our generation remembers getting as a child. Today, thanks to more accessible immunization programs, infectious conditions like chicken pox, mumps, and so on are rare. If you haven’t taken your children to be vaccinated, they’ll be at a much greater risk of developing chickenpox. While this highly infectious disease can be caught at any time, it’s most common in children of 0 to 4 years old. If your child develops it, apply a clinically proven relief solution to stop some of the itchings, make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids, and use liquid paracetamol to help with their fever. You should also make sure their fingernails are short and clean to prevent scratching, which can make the condition worse and spread it to other children.

Head Lice

Though having head lice is fairly benign, it can be very irritating. This is most common in children between the ages of 4 and 11 and can spread rapidly through schools. If you hear anything about head lice from teachers or other parents, start checking your child’s hair once a week, using a white detection comb. If you find any live lice, look around for proven treatments at your pharmacy, or hire a service from companies like The Cootie Queen. If you’re using a home treatment, just make sure you wash it out of your child’s scalp after the recommended amount of time. Leaving it on for longer won’t make it more effective, and could wind up damaging your child’s skin and hair. Remember to follow up two to three days after the treatment, going through with a detection comb again and checking for live lice. Some treatments will tell you to re-apply it after a week, in order to kill any newly hatched lice.


Anyone, at any age, can get pinworms or threadworms. However, they’re most common in children. These parasites live in a person’s gut and lay eggs on the skin when the host is sleeping. The eggs are too small to see with the naked eye but can cause irritation and itching, getting caught under a person’s fingernails and then passed onto others. The most obvious sign is your children scratching their bottom intensely, especially at night. You should go to your physician for the best course of treatment, but also take steps to prevent the infection spreading around the home. Make sure your child is washing their hands often, especially after using the toilet and before touching food. If you’ve got the time, you should also bathe or shower your child every morning to get rid of any eggs laid overnight.

35 thoughts on “Common Kids’ Health Problems To Look Out For

  1. Oh my goodness we recently had to deal with the headlight fun times that you mention here! It was not fun at all Lol I have never heard of the cootie queen 👸🏻 lol

  2. Until Stacey started school I didn’t know how many nasty things could be passed around the kids in the class. I’m so glad I took her for all the immunisations she was entitled to as she actually got away without catching some of the nastier things the other kids got. Oscar is due to start school in September and I’m dreading going through it all again!

    Louise x

  3. 2 of my kids got chicken post but my youngest daughter didn’t despite being around everyone else that had them. Her daughter also was lucky in that regard. I’m still itching thinking of head lice. They sent a note home with the grand kids last week that it was going around so we’ve been checking for it.

  4. Head lice do my head in there is a child in my sons class who’s parents just aren’t treating so everyone else is suffering 🙁

  5. We should be really careful about the diseases that are going around these days. It feels like viruses are tougher to beat now. I think these are things that parents should really look out for this season.

  6. These are definitely things to look out for especially this season! It’s been a long time since I had to deal with lice and I don’t want to have to deal with it again.

  7. My niece has lice, we are doing something about it but it keeps on going back. oh I want to cut her long hair. lol!

  8. I’m so glad we’ve managed to escape all of these with my kids. So far … knock on wood. I had chicken pox and head lice as a kid. Ugh. No fun!

  9. Definitely important to make sure all children get all their vaccinations. Head lice are really awful, luckily the treatments from the chemist can work, but these need to looked at as soon as. Not good and it is easily passed around at school. These days there are chicken pox parties, as it’s best to get it when young.

  10. My guys pick up everything going, what with being prem their immune systems arent as strong as others. They did have Chicken Pox when they were younger and only a mild dose thank goodness x

  11. Whilst I don’t yet have kids this was an informative and clear read. I remember getting chicken pox as a kid and it wasn’t fun at all

  12. Ok, you are totally freaking me out with the things on here. Ewww! It’s gross. lol. And my daughter has had head lice twice. Please Please Please I hope she doesn’t get them again.

  13. Thankfully my daughter hasn’t had any of these, but I am thankful i know what to look for!

  14. I had measles as a kid. I hated the sickness but loved the attention that period. kids health is very important. I’m glad it wasnt chicken pox, else i’d have to deal with the scars

  15. This is a good list especially for new moms to keep around – it’s amazing what kids can come down with, and things like pinworms are easy to catch but not something your average mom is thinking to watch for. THe lice picture creeped me out though – yick.

    1. I think lice has to be the worse. MY daughter got it often when she was young.. I always kept her hair up and in braids to help prevent it.

  16. Kids still get chicken pox, but it’s a milder case thanks to the vaccine. My kids haven’t had it yet, but they will eventually.

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