The Rising Costs Of School Trips

What would you do if your child wanted to go on a week-long school trip that you just couldn’t afford? Most schools will take kids on day trip every year, and these can be reasonably affordable. However, it is the longer residencies that see classes stay somewhere for a few nights that can be quite expensive. And these costs seem to grow year after year. So, how are you manage to cope when your child wants to go on one of these trips? It can be hard saying no, especially when you know it will be a very educational and rewarding trip for them. Here are some ways you can afford the rising costs of school trips.

One of the best ways to afford these big kinds of treats for your children is to save up around the year. Most schools take their pupils away towards the end of the school year in early summer. If you know that this is the time when your kids will start to bring letters home about days out and weeks away, start saving for it well in advance. If you can afford to put a couple of dollars away each month, you will be surprised just how much you are able to save. You might even have enough to cover the deposit!

See About Funding
If you already receive family and child benefits, you might be eligible for some funding towards school costs, such as school trips. The best way to find out about this is to speak to your child’s teacher. If they themselves don’t know, they will be able to put you in touch with a different member of staff who is more clued up on these kinds of things. It could also be worth speaking to your local education authority to see if they can give you more information on funding

Find Financing
If you aren’t able to get any funding for school costs for whatever reason, you can always consider getting some personal finance, like homeowner personal loans. You will find it simple to get a loan if you are already a homeowner and have a good credit rating. But even if your finances aren’t in the best shape, you should still be able to find a loan from companies who specialize in finance for people with bad credit reports.

Give It As A Birthday Or Christmas Gift
One great idea when it comes to affording expensive school trips is to include them as one of your child’s birthday or Christmas presents. Then, when their birthday or Christmas rolls around, just buy them one less gift. This is an excellent plan, especially if the trip is going to be close to the Christmas period or their birthday. It will also mean that you won’t spend ages struggling to think of a present for your child!

As you can see, expensive school trips don’t have to break the bank, as you can afford them if you use these amazing tips!

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  1. Oh i remember the good ol’ days of school trips! My 5th grade class went on a science trip for a week and it was $125! Prices have doubled so quickly! These are wonderful ideas!

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