Finding the Holy Grail that is a Diet That Works for You

Most women who have struggled to lose weight at one time or another will have tried at least one diet (usually a lot more!) in their time. There’s the cabbage soup diet, Weight Watchers, keto, the maple syrup diet, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The thing is, the average fad diet is unlikely to work for anyone person, but staying the same is only going to make the situation worse. So, what do you do? You remember that weight loss is at its heart a matter of calories in vs. calories out, and you look at these tips to help you find the diet that works for you:

Avoid Extremes

To start with, you will want to avoid diets that force you to go to extremes. You might be able to live on nothing but cabbage soup or apples for a week, but it won’t be long before you’re back to your old habits bingeing on anything you can find. If you want to succeed, it’s much better to do something like this summer diet plan, which recommends a balanced diet, exercise, and a positive attitude. Fad diets might get good results to start with, but they are unsustainable, and therefore useless to you in the mid to long-term.

Don’t Cut Out Your Favourite Foods

If you’ve failed at diets in the past, a big part of why you failed is likely to have been down to feelings of deprivation. If you deny yourself all of the foods you love the most, it often makes you crave them even more, and when you do fall off the wagon, you end up eating much more than you normally would, resulting in a gain on the scales, not a loss. A more sustainable diet that will work for you will allow you to incorporate the odd cupcake, bag of chips or soda. So, instead of banishing all things ‘bad’ from your diet, start counting calories, so that you can include little treats into your diet without sabotaging your efforts.

Match Your Eating Style

It’s pointless choosing a diet plan that requires you to eat homemade soups and stews for every meal when you’re used to eating out five nights a week. Instead, you should be looking for a plan that allows you to eat healthy restaurant meals, and you don’t want to choose a vegan meal plan if you love your meat.This will only result in you feeling miserable, falling back on bad habits and giving up. So, make sure that any diet plan you choose matches your current eating style as best you can, just with fewer calories and less of the ‘bad’ stuff.

Ensure You Can Afford It

Eating nothing but organic vegetables and whole grains might help you drop the pounds, but if you can’t afford to keep buying the produce, it won’t be too long before you’re back to your bad habits with a ready excuse. So, before you get started, go to the store and see if you can afford the diet you’re interested in.

If you bear in mind all of the above, it should be a lot easier to find/come up with a diet that will work for you in the long-term

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