A Room Fit For Your Princess

There aren’t many little girls who wouldn’t want to be a Disney princess given the chance. Who wouldn’t want to wear beautiful dresses and find their Prince Charming? In fact, the princess dream is topped only by the idea of being a pop star. In some cases, it even beats that. Chances are, your little girl has princess toys galore. They probably have a dress or two, as well. Why not give them more of what they love by including the theme into their bedroom, too? With a princess room, they’re sure to be the envy of all their friends. The good news is, there’s plenty of inspiration out there about how to make the theme work. We’re going to look at a few of the main things you should consider.

No theme is going to look right if you don’t get the decoration down. This is no different. Remember that pink is sure to be your primary color palette. The more, the better. Think pink walls, pink furniture, and pink rugs. If you’re handy with a paintbrush, you could even include the iconic Disney castle! As the walls are going to be quite loud, it may be worth considering which residential flooring to choose. Wooden floor may be best, as it will offer some contrast to those pink walls! Plus, it’s easy to clean, which has got to be good where little ones are involved. Think, too, about what you want to hang on those walls. You could print pictures of your kid’s favorite princesses and frame them. Or, you could get creative and make them princess pictures of their own. You can get stuck in making those glamorous gowns. You could include your child in this process, too. That way, they’ll be able to show everyone what they made!

Every princess needs a bed fit for a queen. It’s important you take time choosing the right bed for your little princess. You want something grand. You could go all out by investing in a Cinderella carriage bed. A canopy bed would look fantastic, too. Or, you could opt for something more simplistic. An iron bed frame could be enough to add that touch of glamor. There are also plenty of princess duvet sets out there to add to your theme. Make an effort to find out what your child’s favorite princess is, and get a duvet to suit.

It goes without saying that every Princess needs a wardrobe to suit their role. Installing a clothes rail will ensure your child’s clothes are another fantastic feature. If they have a lot of dressing up clothes, you may want to use the rail to display these. Then, invest in a chest of drawers to keep their everyday clothes in. Having their princess dresses on display will help add to the feel of their room. Plus, it’s a neat way to store those bulky clothes that are so difficult to keep tidy!

22 thoughts on “A Room Fit For Your Princess

  1. My twins used to be addicted to Disney princesses and it’s nice to be able to turn their room into one that they’d love. I think these are great tips for parents!

  2. I would’ve loved a princess themed room when I was younger. I still think it’s so cute! Snow white would be my favourite!

  3. I would have loved a princess room when I was younger. I still like princesses now but I like how princesses have moved beyond the whole ‘rescue me I am a damsel’ archetype x

  4. I remember when we had all of the costumes for my daughter. We ended up getting a separate wardrobe for the clothes. Not a big one but it was good to keep all the dress up clothes separate.

  5. Aw, these are such cute ideas. I’d love to do something like this – but I’m still reeling from last week when my seven year old informed me that she is too old now to wear Tinkerbell shirts.

    It didn’t impress her when I pointed out that *I* like Tinkerbell shirts.

  6. One thing I couldn’t seem to get rid of/change was any and everything to do with pink or purple with my girls. I miss decorating their rooms at this age. They are much older now and are into emojis and other ‘cool’ stuff according to them.

  7. My cousins were obsessed with being a disney princess when we were younger. It was funny. They had their rooms decorated and would always dress as a princess on a daily basis/

  8. Ironically this is the theme of my daughter’s room. She has bubble gum pink walls, light wood flooring with a pink circle rug, and white furniture! She even has a dress up closet with all of her princess clothes!

  9. I have 2 young nieces and they are both obsessed with princesses. They are always wearing princess dresses – so cute.

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