Fixing Your Children’s Teeth To Give Them A Perfect Smile

When your children reach the ages of 12 and 13, their primary teeth will begin to emerge. When these teeth form, they’re a lot thicker, wider and denser than any other teeth they’ll ever have. And so, each tooth is vying for position, and because the teeth emerge at different times and widths, they can push each other out of their true position. Thus, this can cause a crooked smile, and therefore, braces are recommended to be fitted to children of this age.

If your children didn’t get braces at this time, and their smile is a little crooked, this can affect speech, pronunciation, eating and their self-esteem. If your children are heading towards their late-teens, they will be going through remarkable stress about their image, social life and meeting new people. It’s never too late; orthodontic treatments do exist out there that can improve their smile and uplift their confidence.

What do they want?

There are lots of options out there for late-stage teeth corrections, but having an open discussion with them about how the feel, and what kind of treatments they want, gives you a clearer picture on what to achieve. Do some research together and encourage your children to think of some questions they’d like to know the answer to before moving ahead with any treatment plan. Usually, metal braces are the best option because the align the teeth how they should be. It’s also the most cost-effective option but will last up to 1 or 2 years. However, it’s a personal preference because your children might not want a mouth full of metal just as they’re preparing to go to high school.

Aesthetics are important too

The coloration of teeth can turn yellow or a faint beige colour due to continuous stains that develop on the enamel as well as the deep structure. The enamel is a hardened surface layer of the teeth which can slowly be eroded away with acidic drinks and sugary foods. Drinking a lot of coffee can also leave brown stains can penetrate deep enough to become permanent. Services like those at a dentist such as Whitehouse Dental Clinic can provide whitening techniques, with advanced aesthetics treatments in their smile makeover cosmetic dentistry section. If you child has a chipped tooth, they can become self-conscious about smiling in public. There are also treatments that can fill and use a bonding to replicate the look and function of normal tooth enamel.

Clear braces

Something that exerts a constant but subtle force on your teeth is going to have much more of a pronounced effect than something reasonably temporary. Traditionally metal brackets use metal wires to tighten and pull together the teeth, so a great smile is achieved. However, with modern technology and materials, clear braces can achieve a remarkably similar result in a drastically shortened period. The clear braces will be molded using a 3D CADCAM technology, which details the smallest of increments in your teeth until the desired position is found. Simply pop the plastic brace in your mouth, and no one is none the wiser. It behaves just like a regular brace, by pulling the teeth together, but takes less time to achieve an aim positioning because the teeth have force put on them from all directions; unlike wires which pull backward only.

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