These Foods Will Weigh You and Your Family Down

When it comes to foods you should be avoiding – or, at least, the food you should be very careful with – most people seem to think they already know pretty much everything they need to know. That, or they have enough common sense to know the basics. Fast food is bad. Trans fats, whatever they are, should be avoided. Sugary drinks are bad. These are the things that aren’t exactly news to anyone.

But there are certain items out there you should probably avoid altogether, or severely cut down on, that you may not have considered before. Not only will they put on the pounds, but they’ll also zap you of your energy and strength in the short-term, so you’ll feel their effects pretty quickly. We’re going to take a look at the things you and your family should perhaps be a bit more cautious about!

Dairy – milk, and products that contain milk – is often painted as something that’s perfectly healthy and natural. But the fact is that dairy isn’t all that ideal for us. And I’m not just referring to the fact that a lot of dairy products are loaded with fats that will suck you of energy, although that is an important thing to remember. The fact is that milk is a substance meant for the very young. It’s loaded with hormones that you simply don’t need beyond a couple of years into your life. You can read more over at Cutting out dairy doesn’t mean you have to go vegan – many meat-eaters avoid dairy for these reasons.

Frozen meat
Speaking of meat, you may need to be more careful about your intake than you think. While there are many compelling studies linking meat consumption to many severe long-term and short-term health problems, it may not be necessary to cut it out entirely. You should just be more careful about where you buy it and in what form. The news over at should make this abundantly clear. In general, frozen meat (and, indeed, most commercially-available meats) are loaded with harmful additives. If you’re going to eat meat, it’s usually best to get it straight from a butcher as opposed to a supermarket.

Sugar-free soda
While you may think that sugar-free, low-calorie drink is much healthier for you than their sugar-stuffed siblings, the fact is that they’re often even worse for your health. While they don’t often come with the sugar crashes that make you hyperactive then sluggish, filled to the brim with additives that are exceedingly harmful in the long-term. You can read more at Another thing that’s worth remembering is that these additives can increase cravings for real sugar! When it comes to quenching your thirst, you really should just go for water.

Store-bought sandwiches
These favorite lunch items seem ideal for people on the go. They’re one of the most consumed items for people who work in the city. But while sandwiches are painted as very healthy items, store-bought sandwiches – we’re talking about packaged and refrigerated ones, here – often contain insane amounts of calories. The bread and ‘green’ ingredients are often devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever due to the storage and preparation techniques!


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