Keep Kids In Good Health At Bedtime

While we can’t always control what happens to our kids when they are outside of the home, we can help them to stay in good health when they are inside the property. After all, we want to try and keep health issues away, so our kids remain in good form. And while you can protect them by making sure the living room and kitchen are safe, you need to turn your attention to the bedroom. After all, you might be surprised to know that a lot of kids actually pick up bugs and health problems when they are in bed at night. In fact, it can see them waking up under the weather the next day! Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t happen, here are some ways you can keep your kids in good health at bedtime.

Make sure their bedroom is a dust-free zone.
Dust is one of those things which can get everywhere in your home. And if you don’t keep on top of it, it can spiral out of control. Not only does it not look attractive, but it can also cause health issues for your child. If there is dust in their room, it’s likely they might start coughing and spluttering in the night. And it will cause them to have a bad night’s sleep if they are stirring due to the dust. If they are prone to allergies, the dust will also irritate them and could lead them to wake up with a sore throat. Therefore, to keep their health in check, you need to make sure you rid all dust from the bedroom. Give it a good vacuum every week to keep all dust away. And make sure you remember less obvious areas when it comes to your kid’s bedroom. After all, a lot of people forget to dust the top of door frames and under the bed. But these can actually be havens for dust. And if they are left untouched, you might find you are dealing with problems like dust mites in your kid’s room. Therefore, dust everywhere to keep your little one safe.

Keep the bedroom at a good temperature.
You might not think twice about the temperature of your kid’s bedroom when you put them to sleep at night. But to ensure they stay well and healthy, you need to make sure the bedroom is at a safe temperature. After all, if it’s too hot, they will start overheating during the night. And end up waking up with a fever in the morning. Also, if the room is too warm, they are likely to not get a proper night’s sleep. And without enough sleep, your child will struggle to function the next day and will be more perceptible to picking up bugs. Meanwhile, if the bedroom is cold, they might start shivering in the night. And then they might pick up germs which can lead to flu if not treated. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure the bedroom is at a proper temperature when your kid goes to sleep. For one thing, you could get a thermometer for the bedroom. That way, you can check the temp and then make adjustments as necessary. Also, make sure they have an appropriate duvet for the season. For example, in winter you should get them a thicker duvet, while summer should see a lighter one being placed on the bed. That way, your child will stay in good health while they are in bed.

Ensure their bed is a cozy sleep haven.
It’s also essential that you make sure your kid’s bed is in good nick if you want to keep them in good health. After all, if they have a poor bed frame and mattress, they are going to struggle to get much sleep at night. And without proper rest, it’s easy for their health to take a turn for the worse. For one thing, they are more likely to pick up illnesses if their immune system isn’t as strong due to their health. And if their bed isn’t in good condition, they are also more likely to suffer from things like neck and backache when they wake up in the morning. Therefore, to ensure they stay in good health, you need to make sure you invest in a good bed frame which will keep them comfortable at night. And you will also need a good single mattress for their bed which you can get from companies like John Ryan by Design. After all, they will ask you a number of questions to ensure your kid ends up with the right bed for them. Also, if they need some extra support and comfort, you might want to get them a mattress topper. After all, this can ensure they get a proper night’s sleep. And if you do update the bed, you can ensure you will get fewer struggles at bedtime. After all, they will actually want to go to sleep at night in their cozy bed!

Make the bedroom a safe zone.
You might have worked hard to make areas like the kitchen a safe zone. But is your kid’s bedroom also safe? A lot of parents don’t cover the risky areas, and then it can lead to their child getting into danger if they get up at nighttime. For example, if the window isn’t shut properly, they might end up pushing it open and falling out. And if there is no barrier on the door, your toddler could end up risking the stairs, leading to a nasty fall. Also, all electric points need to be covered so your child doesn’t end up getting hurt. And get radiator covers, so your child can’t get burnt in the night. In fact, make sure the bedroom is a safe zone so that you don’t have to worry about what your little one gets up to if they wake up at night!

And make sure you regularly put toys away and any additional clutter in your kid’s room. After all, piles of items can be good hiding places for pests. And then your child could potentially get bitten in the night. Therefore, make sure the floor is clear to keep those bugs away!

20 thoughts on “Keep Kids In Good Health At Bedtime

  1. There are lots of great tips here. Sadly, with a 5 month old there is no such thing as bedtime yet haha.

  2. So true! My son wouldn’t go to sleep in his room because he thought it wasn’t safe! then we bought a light sabre and safe zoned it! now its his favourite room in the house haha!

  3. I agree about making kid’s bedrooms safe, especially for younger ones. I always do a sweep of their bedrooms just before lights out to check for risks!

  4. These are great tips for kids- as well as adults! I’ve got to get better at making my bedroom a safe zone- I always leave things on the floor and then trip on them in the middle of the night.

  5. Your right, we never think of the bedroom as being unsafe but like you said if you don’t close the window for example it can create a nasty accident x

  6. This is an awesome post I can totally say been there done that to everything you’ve stated ! I’m a,ways stepping in their little trucks!

  7. Not to mention our health! how many times have I tripped over a toy whilst visiting my kids at night! Hahahaha. great advice and I agree it’s all very important.

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