How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Life

Often stare at the ceiling at night and cannot focus on work the next day — problems caused by sleeplessness. This isn’t all; there’s also the always why am I so tired in the morning routine.

It is far from easy to work after a slumber – less night. The worst part is the yawn right in the middle of an important business meeting when the boss is talking. The next thing you know is that you are pulled up for being inattentive and of course disinterested.

Sleeplessness also causes you to doze off without you even realizing it. It is probably the most irritating aspect. You feel as if you want to crawl into bed and sleep till the cows come home, but at night all you do is count sheep.

Even driving a vehicle can be a hard task, in some cases dangerous. The prospect of dozing off at the wheel is nightmarish.

Some problems aplenty that a lack of sleep results in:

Inescapable Stress

At night when you are looking at the ceiling, all those negative thoughts flood your mind. Why has the boss summoned me tomorrow? How will I pay for my child’s tuitions? The car has to be repaired. These worries grow and grow. The next morning the day begins with a whole lot of negativity. The worst part is that far from being refreshed and ready to get out of bed seems like a chore.

Not Those Migraines Again

Waking up with migraines is a terrible feeling—like banging your head against a brick wall continuously. You are just a phone call away from calling in sick. For people for whom this is a regular affliction, they have to brave this and continue working. Medicine only keeps this at bay for some time. The frightening aspect is that it crops up again and again.

Sleep Apnea

Probably the most dangerous of all the afflictions brought about by sleep deprivation. In truth there is another more embarrassing term associated with sleep apnea, namely, snoring. The fact is during this act the person’s breathing is affected. It comes and goes, to be more exact. A cause of concern is a blockage in the airway.

Some problems incurred by sleep apnea are slow reflexes and poor concentration. Various health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, and weight gain.

While sleepiness can be termed a hazard one can beat it. Here are some tips on how to counter this affliction:

Regular Exercise

Swimming or a daily walk can be a part of the exercise routine. It does not call for anything major, just something that will keep the stress away.

Cut Down on Intake of Caffeine

At work, a strong cup of coffee is tempting always. The problem is one ends up consuming more about a hundred cups of coffee. A lack of sleep follows.

Relaxation is the Key

Before hitting the bed calm yourself. Yoga or music is recommended. Studies show it helps one organizes one’s thoughts.

Get a Comfortable Bed

A soft mattress or a bed of your liking and sleep is not too far.

Lack of sleep is an often ignored problem, but it affects a lot of people. If you want to be at your best, get a good night’s sleep.


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