Laughter, Love, Luck – Life Lessons Your Little One Needs To Learn

Some life lessons will be invaluable to teach to your children. You may not know what they are until you see them being put into practice; things that are second-nature to you and are a habit that you upkeep without adding a thought to it, but have helped you throughout your life. Have a think about traits that your children are showing which are reminiscent of something that they have seen you do or you taught them; you may just be surprised at what they are picking up.

Good teeth, good smile, good life

Excellent oral hygiene is one of the most important things that you can teach to your children. Getting them into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day can be hard at first, but as long as you work it into their everyday routine from an early age, it will become second nature to them and something that they will carry on duly into adulthood. Some things may crop up in the future in regards to your children’s teeth, such as braces and the removal of wisdom teeth, and you can  read StraightSmile Solutions for more information on what is to come and what can be done in preparation for it. As long as both them and you are upkeeping your teeth to a good condition, you can be expecting your dentist trips to go smoothly and without much work having to be done – saving you both money and the trauma expected when children have bad experiences at the dentist.

Knit your worries away

Skills such as sewing, knitting, and crochet are becoming dying arts. Although they are enjoying somewhat of a resurgence within the creative and crafty communities, the passing on to future generations is essential through the showing of enjoyment and pleasure from taking part in such activities. Not only can it help to relieve stress by taking part in hobbies that become learned from muscle-memory (enabling you to do things like watch television at the same time as knitting, for example) but it is also perfect for developing cognitive ability in logistics and mathematical problems due to the complexity of different stitches. As well as this you have to look at the practical side – they’ll be able to fix a button if it becomes loose, knit a scarf for less than half the price of one that they have seen in the shops and can crochet presents and other sentimental gifts to give to people instead of spending money in the stores. Later on, in life, they may even be able to sell their wares at craft fairs and other such markets to generate a small (or large, if they’re lucky!) income for themselves. And that success will all have come from you!

Bake me a cake

Cooking a good meal is one thing that you can pass on to your children as a gift that they can take forward and use on many occasions. As long as your kids know the basics of cooking,, they can develop their skills from there and use them for life. When they move away for the first time to go to college, or even just go on a self-catered holiday with friends, you can remain rested, safe in the knowledge that they will be able to feed themselves something decent and not live in packet meals and takeout for the rest of their days.

The art of conversation

Some social skills can be learned; others are innate. Talk to your children often about worldly subjects; introduce topics for debate and the perspective of seeing a story from both sides. Not only will they be able to empathize more clearly, but they will be able to protest and be lucid in their reasonings; passion can be evoked from small subjects, and it is such a great thing to hear it from a kid’s viewpoint. Conversations can help lead to fantastic opportunities in life, such as jobs, relationships, and personal goals – never dismiss the art of conversation as a theory when it can be put into practice with great results.

Kindness is key

When young, your children are a mirror image of yourself behind closed doors. Things that they may say, ticks that they have and the way that they act around people, animals, and objects is all a direct reflection of how you have raised them. Speak kindly to everyone and everything around you and they shall too; show judgment in your voice and talk in a harsh and abrupt manner and they too shall take this and use it in their own lives. It is a scary thought that we are responsible for what is essentially a human parrot for the first couple of years, and even the tiniest slip-up can have long-lasting effects and consequences. Teach them to ask about others; set an example for them by doing this instead of focusing on yourself on whatever you have to say. Listening is an amazing trait to learn, and they won’t be considered door-mats for sitting and taking the time to listen to a peer’s problems, the point of view or stories … it shows a greater understanding. Remorse and compassion are something that is especially harder to learn and naturally show later on in life, so getting your children involved in subjects that include these things and helping them to know that the best and most loved people are the kind, pure souls who are always available to lend a hand.

There are so many other things that you may be able to do and pass on to your children. It could be that you are a talented musician and can help them learn notes at an early age to give them a good foundation for taking up a musical instrument, or you are good at making up rhymes and poetry. You are the one who sets the basics for what your child can develop their skills on – make them firm and stable so they have a good grounding, and they’ll be good to go.


5 thoughts on “Laughter, Love, Luck – Life Lessons Your Little One Needs To Learn

  1. Oh wow I love the listening part. What a great example that is. I’m collecting information for when I have my own so thank you. -Jocelyne from

  2. Love this post especially about knitting, crochet and sewing it is a dying art. I always had our children in the kitchen helping me bake and later cooking. Teach them skills and be a family. Put down the devices.

  3. This is a great list! I love that dental care is first…so true, right? And kindness! I find myself saying kindness matters daily to my kids and it will never get old. If they hear it enough they will understand the power of it.

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