One Upset Little Boy, Three Lost Tickets, One Cranky Mama to the Rescue

The most annoying thing happened last weekend!! We purchased tickets to a WWE Smackdown event happening on November 22 – and the tickets were lost. I’m freakin’ pretty sure that they got tossed in the trash because my husband placed them in the same location that we put the junk mail – WTF? Why???

I’m not even going to this event, but yet I spend hours searching for these damn tickets. Did I mention they were part of Ethan’s Christmas present, I know parenting fail!!! WE searched every inch of the house, every possible drawer and shelf, the damn tickets were not in sight.

At this point, I’ve given up completely and called Ticket Master, surely they must have a solution on how to replace lost tickets. ONE HOUR, I was on hold for one hour before speaking to a very pleasant sale rep. She asked about the receipt with the order number – yep you guessed it that was lost as well because it was in the same envelope with the tickets. Sighs, now what? I really have to give credit to this lady, she spend almost an hour and a half on the phone with me trying to think of options to locate the ticket order – name, phone number, card used during the purchase – nope it was a giant FAIL!

Ticket Master had no record of our order at all. How the fuck does that happen? We bought tickets and up to this moment we had them in our hands. The sales rep didn’t have any answers and all she could really say was that they didn’t have a record and that I could go right to the outlet storewherethe tickets were purchased at and have them locate their copy of the receipt. Just maybe they would be able to offer some assistance.

GREAT! Just what I wanted to do on my Friday night! So off we rush over there before the local Canadian Tire to see what help they could be. The store employees stared at us dumbfounded as we explained the situation as they quickly told us they would need to contact Ticket Master for more information. Fantastic, on hold for another hour!

During this hold period, we discovered that Ticket Master had receive numerous of complaints from ticket buyers not wanting to disclose personal information such as names and phone numbers at the ticket outlets. As a result of these complaints, Ticket Master no longer required any information when you purchase tickets in person – which means no way to track purchases! I was so frustrated – I really hope some of these complainers never lose a ticket and have to see such a look of disappointment on their child’s face.

Finally, after two hours of standing around the customer service counter, our tickets were found and we were provided a confirmation number and instructions to pick them up at the box office at the event venue.

I’m glad to say that we now have these tickets in hand and that Ethan is much happier now that he will attend the WWE Smackdown Event on Tuesday.

I leave you with some advice – always put tickets in a safe and trusted location so that you’re never faced with lost tickets.

Have you ever lost tickets? What was the last event that you attended?


26 thoughts on “One Upset Little Boy, Three Lost Tickets, One Cranky Mama to the Rescue

  1. Whoah! Good thing you were able to secure a copy of the lost tickets. It’s just that too bad to wait forthat long. Anyhow, at least Ethan will never be dismayed. 🙂

  2. Ah sounds like a nightmare, i always worry about loosing tickets. I did get half way to seeing Katy Perry and looked inside my envelope only to realise I’d picked up the wrong one. Thankfully, we only lived about 20 minutes away! xo

  3. It’s a huge pressure on mind when you don’t find your tickets at the last moment..I remember when I lost my train ticket while travelling solo…was relieved when the ticket checker asked just for the photo Id and allowed me to continue the journey….

  4. Oh wow it sounds like a nightmare! I’d be a mess. That’s a bit crazy that they struggled to find the order so much you think they’d have something in place to track orders maybe even minimise personal details and just have a name and email or something. Glad it worked out in the end though. x

    1. Goodness, I wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale had I not been able to get the tickets back. 🙂

  5. I’ve never lost tickets but have accidentally sent them to the wrong address – ticketmaster were so good about it and told me what to do in order to still go to the event! Glad it finally got sorted for you 🙂 reading it, I was worried you wouldn’t!

  6. Wow! I haven’t ever lost tickets before but this sounds like a helluva time with all that customer service nonsense. At least you were able to make it work out in the end!

    1. It would be easier if Ticket Master would link purchases with names but I’m glad it worked out in the end

  7. Oh my goodness what a nightmare – I once threw away our return tickets from Paris to home. Eurostar were amazing I was in bits and they reprinted them so quickly, back home in England was another matter I had rebuy those.

    1. Yikes, that must have been pricy to rebuy the tickets- did they refund you at all? I’m glad I didn’t have to buy tickets again.

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