How To Make Your Kitchen Work For Any Occasion

Kitchen’s have the reputation as the hub and the heart of a home. It’s where we feed our families, socialize with friends, and teach our kids vital cookery skills. It’s an important place for the family to gather and lots of memories are made here. So if it is such an important room why neglect it? So many of us don’t have the tools we need to take our kitchens from ordinary to exceptional. Take a look at how your kitchen could be working better for you, whatever the occasion….

If You’re Hosting

If you have friends and family coming over you’ll want things to run smoothly. You also don’t want to be slaving over the stove whilst everybody else socializes and has fun. Making your kitchen work in a hosting situation is easy. Set up a drinks tray on the breakfast bar, or even just a worktop. This will save you having to jump up and make the drinks and do the refills. Set out soft drinks, alcohol, direct guests to ice, and leave a variety of glasses on the tray too. You can even pre-prepare some slices of lemon, lime, and orange. This way your guests can create their own drinks. Which is more fun for them and more relaxing for you.

If You’re Having A Family Meal

Mealtime is a great time to get all the family together and catch up with everybody. Make sure you have a designated dining area to encourage sit-down meals. This can be in the kitchen or a separate room. If you do have a dining room that links to the kitchen it could be a good idea to create a hatch to serve food through. This saves time rather than having to run backward and forwards with plates of food. Similarly, invest in some serving platters. Planks, boards, and serving plates will all work. These are great for those sharing meals and for bread, cold meats, and cheeses.

If You’re Teaching The Kids

If you have young children and you’re teaching them to cook, you’ll need some special equipment. The best kitchen gadgets are the ones which are safe but make jobs easier to do- perfect for children. A garlic press is a great way to get the kids involved. It’s easy to use and safe. Also, make sure you have a high seat or a secure stool that your children can sit or stand on whilst you’re in the kitchen.

If You’re Having A Date Night

Preparation is essential is you’re turning your kitchen into a date destination. Nobody wants to be worried about the cooking throughout the evening. If you’re cooking for your partner consider a cold started that can be prepared ahead. Similarly chose a dessert that can be chilled. Mousses are great because they’re light, easy to make, and can chill until you’re ready for them. It’s the little details which matter too. Invest in a potted plant or some herbs for your kitchen, these can double as a table decoration for dates along with a candle.

8 thoughts on “How To Make Your Kitchen Work For Any Occasion

  1. These tips were great to read! I’m not grown up enough yet to have my own kitchen aha but I hope when I’m older I have a kitchen as lovely and social as yours, sounds so homely ☺️ Tishhlah

  2. Great tips! When we used to live in a warehouse in East London, our kitchen was the main spot for hanging out. We had friends coming in and going straight to the breakfast bar. After a few hours of chatting and having fun, someone may say “Hey, where is your TV?” We obviously didn’t need one ;))

  3. These are great tips – my kitchen is tiny so no room for entertaining but hopefully we will be moving into a bigger place (with a bigger kitchen!) soon 🙂

  4. I wish I had a bigger kitchen but one day. I think this is a great post. Preparation I think is the key to help you when it comes to food. One you’ve done the prep then everything else is easy

  5. Some really good and practical ideas here. I love setting up the drinks tray especially. So much time is spent just refilling people’s drinks and that interferes/interrupts food preparation as well as interaction with your guests.

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