The Review of Me Undies

Wow, I’ve never been real fussy on underwear before, I mean, seriously its underwear. My idea of shopping for underwear usually consists of browsing over the Wal-Mart shelf and hoping for the best. I’m lucky if I’m able to snag a pack before my son turns purple from laughing and giggling at all the undergarments.

I’m not old-fashioned or a prude, I get the times are changing and shopping for underwear is getting easier by the day.  There is no need to even leave the house when you can order super comfortable underwear right from the comfort of your own living room.

This is where  Me Undies fits in. So, what is Me Undies?? Well, Me Undies is a designer, manufacturer and a top online retailer for quality apparel from as little as $13.00 and up. They offer a wide variety of styles and colours for both men and woman. Me Undies is not your typical “subscription” box but they do offer amazing deals with the more you purchase. You can sign up and receive a brand new pair of underwear delivered to your door each month – and you will save up to 33% from the retail price. You simply choose your style, size and pattern (bold, classic or adventurous) and voila underwear shopping at its finest.  You are never locked in – you can skip months and cancel at any time.. and they offer FREE SHIPPING – even to Canada!!

I recently partnered with Me Undies and was given the opportunity to choose my style and my pattern, so of course I went with a bold cheeky brief, completely covered in donuts. This is not my “normal” choice of under garments.  Then I waited patiently for the package to arrive, and by patiently, I really mean I checked the mailbox almost daily. Did I mention they offer free shipping within Canada and the United States?  In less than two quick weeks, my package arrived and I was ecstatic.

At first, I didn’t want to open the package. It looked so perfect in the holiday packaging.


But my excitement got me and I quickly revealed those donut covered cheeky briefs – and to my surprise Me Undies threw in a solid blue pair of the cheeky briefs.


I have to admit, the quality of the fabric was so soft, I just couldn’t wait to try them on and strut my stuff. I initially wanted to complete a video review, but my total lack of self-confidence and better judgment led me to believe an online video of me sporting underwear was probably not what my teenagers envisioned when I created this blog!

It was now time to put these bad boys to the test. They are made completely from a blend of MicroModal and Elasthane which is I believe comes from Beechwood tree fiber. They are incredibly soft, breathable and hug the body just right. The waistband and the underwear fit perfectly. In fewer words, they are very soft and very comfortable–and yes, more so than any other underwear I’ve ever tried.

If you are feeling adventurous or just need new underwear – I hope you head over to Me Undies and browse for the perfect underwear.  They have fantastic styles available now for the holiday season.

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29 thoughts on “The Review of Me Undies

    1. Thank you Rachel. I don’t promote products that I don’t truly believe in. I really liked and enjoyed the me undies.

  1. Me Undies sounds great! They look great too, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before. I love the Christmas packaging as well, hehe.

  2. Oooh this online store sounds great and perfect for busy mums who don’t have time to go instore for underwear shopping!

    Laura x

    1. Me too. I’m fussy with the fabric of my undies. I really like this fabric – super soft and flexible.

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