Week One: Meals For a Week Under $100.00

I don’t always meal plan; it’s a tedious task that can take a good chunk of your time and can get a little overwhelming. But it is something that I am trying to to do more often as it is a great and easy way for families to save money on groceries.

Today, I will be sharing a week’s worth of meals for our family of 5 — that’s three adults and two teenagers.  At the end of this post, you will be able to print a copy of this menu, recipes and even a grocery list.  I hope this will help you save some money this week and allow you and your family to enjoy some great meals.

A few things to keep in mind

∅I assume that most families have the necessary items such as sugar, seasoning, flour, and oil stocked in their pantry cupboard.
∅I do not include milk in the budget because this is an item that we use frequently.
∅I regularly shop at Wal-Mart, and the prices may vary depending on your location.
∅If a recipe calls for an item that I won’t use again, I often omit it.

We always have eggs, bacon, oatmeal, pancake mix and cereal readily available in our stockpile. I didn’t include any breakfast foods in our weekly grocery budget.

School Lunches
Ham and Cheese Wraps/Mini Buns
◊Juice Boxes
◊We often eat leftovers for lunch.

Snack Items
These items typically last more than a week, and because we buy them every week, we typically have plenty in the cupboard. I didn’t buy any this week because we are stocked in the snack department currently.
◊fresh fruit (depending on what is in season)
◊great value granola bars
◊great value rice krispie squares

Dinners: Don’t feel pressured to use this menu in the exact order. Switch up the meals as you prefer. These are simple recipes that we’ve enjoyed this week and I hope that your family enjoys them too.




This week we spent $72.26

** I price-matched the pasta sauce and the Pillsbury pie crust.

** I doubled the Cheesburger Pie recipe.

Click here to download this week’s menu, recipes and grocery list


How I made this meal plan work for our family this week?

∇ I started price-matching again.
∇ I built a menu around the items we had on hand.
∇ I wrote down a list but wasn’t afraid to make substitutions.
∇ Start building a stockpile of items that you use often. Buy them when they are on sale and use any leftover grocery budget money on these items.
∇ I didn’t buy expensive name brand items.
∇I only went to the grocery store once. This is very important because it helped curve our spending on food items we wanted but didn’t necessarily need.

Do you have any tips or tricks to save money at the grocery store?




14 thoughts on “Week One: Meals For a Week Under $100.00

  1. I love the idea of meal plans as you know exactly what you need to buy and there is less waste.I also buy bulk vegetables that are in season and freeze them for later use.

  2. Meal planning and budget just go hand in hand in our house. Because there is only two of us in our home we can batch cook also. It means we can be super scrimpers if necessary. We had a pasta bake tonight in fact that was also last night’s dinner. Was lovely too…always tastes better the second day x

  3. I’m all for cooking in mass to freeze and reheat on another day but Hubby hates it and he also isnt a left over fan. He makes it impossible to shop cheaply!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  4. Great meal ideas! I’m intrigued by Cheeseburger Pie! I meal plan every week, spending an hour at the weekend doing it and it does save a lot of money!

  5. I tend to sit down every week and write out a meal plan and shopping list so we don’t buy unnecessary things and wrack up a huge food bill. I think for the 3 of us we spend around £60 a week. I do love the sound of the Chicken Tacos x

  6. I only tend to buy as and when we need things which is usually just vegetables, potatoes and meat. Most other things I have on hand x

  7. Great post as usual this is a great idea and the meals are great tasting and fun to make as a family …

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