Monthly Box Subscriptions: Teenage Girl Edition

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A few months ago, I purchased two monthly subscriptions; one for my husband and one for my son. They were perfect, fresh new items that we never even saw before. I quickly wondered what subscription boxes would be available for a teenage girl. Did I mention, that subscription boxes are also a great gift idea.

I took to Google and immediately the make-up subscriptions and candy subscriptions started to pop up faster than I could count. I wanted something different. Something more unique and not an everyday product we could purchase from the local drug store. There was an abundance of subscriptions available and I was surprised that many shipped to Canada.

And without further delay, these are my top picks for monthly subscriptions for the teenage girl.

Love Yourself First Now ($29.00/PER MONTH)

This box contains a variety of items that are sure to remind you just how amazing you are. These items will have you feeling inspired and happy. These items will replenish your soul and having you smiling inside and out.


The Pumpkin Batch ($24.99 PER MONTH)

Each box is hand-picked and includes approx. 4 – 6 pumpkin and pumpkin spice aromas or tastes as well as pumpkin inspired surprises for the pumpkin-loving girl.


The Luxe Box ($26.99/ EVERY 3 MONTHS)

Girls love make-up and they can never have enough. This is a box that ships every three months with approx. 7 trial sized beauty and lifestyle products to keep you trendy and beautiful.


Leggings of the Month ($24.99/PER MONTH)

If your teenage daughter is anything like mine, she probably lives in leggings. I had no idea that one girl could own that many pairs of simple black leggings. This club offers unique and exclusive designs for a fraction of the retail price.


What are some of your favorite monthly box subscriptions. E-mail me your favorites at

5 thoughts on “Monthly Box Subscriptions: Teenage Girl Edition

  1. Monthly subscription boxes are great ideas! These all sound wonderful and I love the ideas. They are great go to gifts,.

  2. The Love Yourself Box and the Luxe Box are my favorite in the list. These subscriptions will make great gifts during this holiday season.

  3. Those subscription o\box are really perfect for teenage girl! My niece will surely love it!

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