Monthly Box Subscriptions: The Children’s Edition (Ages 5-9)

Children have the unique sense of excitement. Their faces light up and with one small smile they can fill a room with such a magical feeling.

A monthly box subscription that arrives in the mail can capture the lasting magical feeling, who wouldn’t love a super fun box filled with awesome gadgets and things.


Based on my search today, these were my favorite picks for monthly subscriptions for kids.

Nerd Block JR ($19.99/PER MONTH)

Wow, let’s embrace those inner nerds, from comic books to video games and everything in between. This is a fantastic box full of neat things.

boysjr girlsjr

Kiwi Crate ($19.95/PER MONTH)

The kiwi crates has a variety of items for hands-on learning to explore science and engineering.



Toy Box Monthly ($15.00/PER MONTH)

A magical box filled with new toys from your favorite brands. This is they of mail that any kid would love to receive. This box allow you to choose toys for a boy, girl or you can obtain a mixed box full of goodies.

boy girl

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  1. I love subscription boxes and this is the perfetc age group for my little guy! Thanks, I pinned so I could show the grandparents!

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