My Idea, My Blog

The Busy Mom Diary sprouted from an idea that I had one night while bored, staring at a football game on the television that I had no interest in and had no desire in watching. I need my own hobby. I needed to find something for me, something that I could stand behind and actually enjoy. I was lost, I started to browse google, got distracted by other mom blogs and that’s when it hit me… I should start my own blog and so I did.myblog

The Busy Mom Diary was created to be just that, a diary. My diary where I could put my thoughts down on paper, save my favorite recipes and just be myself. I simply needed an outlet to express my thoughts and my feelings.

With the help of a free package from WordPress, I had my blog set up within minutes and a post published quickly thereafter and then another one. I was extremely excited and surprised when family and close friends started reading the blog, sharing it across Facebook and even commenting on how well I am doing. This was a real ego boost for me because I’ve always struggled with sharing my thoughts as I’m incredibly shy and I get disappointed in myself quickly when I feel like I’m failing. I had tremendous support from everyone and I wasn’t failing.

In all honesty, I couldn’t even begin to describe how thankful I am to everyone that has read, shared and commented on my blog. I have some of the best followers that support me, encourage me and at times even inspire me. I could never thank you enough for all that you have done.

You guys are amazing and I’m so glad that you allow me to share my experiences with you. I use my blog as a platform to share personal experiences in hopes that my stories can help just one other person to not feel so alone in this world.



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9 thoughts on “My Idea, My Blog

  1. I started my blog as a way to share my unique life though have quit multiple times in the past due to nobody is interested or they have hurtful things to say about my lifestyle. Still I blog, if only to share my adventures of traveling and reviews of books I have read.

  2. Beautifully written and I can totally relate! For me, blogging is how I control my stress level and get everything off my chest since I’m more reserved in my “real” life.

    1. Joni: I understand completely. I’m very quiet in real life, and often don’t talk much because I’m afraid or too anxious about what other people will think. Right now I use my platform to speak whatever I want and att he end of the day it’s my blog, and I’m entitled to post whatever I want. Thank you for reading!

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