The Natural Lessons of Love We Can Teach Our Children

There are some bits of knowledge that we have learned along our own paths that we need to impart to our children. It’s hard to know which lessons you impart that are going to cause the biggest impact on their future, but as long as you make sure that they’re all morally sound, you shouldn’t have to worry.

A great mantra to stick by and teach your children is this – love nature and nature will love you. Be creative in what you do and utilize the things you have around you. Upkeep, recycle and donate to those who are more in need. But how can we put that into practice with them today?

Love Nature and Nature Will Love You

Take into account everything that we have done bad against nature as a race. It’s actually uncountable. We are slowly destroying the planet if the news is to be believed, and it only takes a few conscious decisions every day to stop us from doing it; like using reusable cutlery instead of plastic ones on picnics with the kids, taking the bus instead of driving – or walking instead. We need to teach our children that nature is good, and show them the ways in which we can preserve what we have around us for future generations – before it’s gone. Try and get them to see the beauty in everything and make a list of what they appreciate on a daily basis. There are some things that could be changed for sure – like how often they are changing their clothes which need to be washed when they’re not actually dirty at all. You could look for a company that would be able to stress the importance of nature within your home, like using Semper Solaris solar panel installation to use a different source for your energy. The more that they are able to learn that nature is our friend and can be used to our advantage without us actually taking advantage of it, the more that we can be safe in the knowledge that our future generations will flourish.

Recycle, Reuse, Donate

Charitable giving is a big thing, but not as big as it could be. Where you might be thinking that certain clothes and garments around your house could fetch quite a big bit on an online auction site, think about how they could go to a much more worthwhile cause – maybe a community project, a poorer family that you know of or even the homeless. The more that you make these people relatable to your children, the less they will think about these things as a chore and be more on a level with those who aren’t as fortunate. It sounds like a pretty big life lesson to learn, but the more lovable wisdom you are able to pass on to your children, the better perspective on life that they will have. Doing this by incorporating your life into somebody else’s is the best way that they can learn this – they may even like to donate some of their toys or belongings to those who are more in need of them than themselves.

20 thoughts on “The Natural Lessons of Love We Can Teach Our Children

  1. God has given us a beautiful world to steward and appreciate respectfully and mindfully – I agree we must pass this perspective to our kids, and we can do so creatively!

  2. You are so right!

    There are so many lessons to impart and to know which ones to focus on is so important!

    There is only so much that they can grasp and we have to choose which to make the cornerstones of our parenting.

  3. This is such an important issue we all must work on and try and bring awareness on. Sharing it ahead to spread the word. 😀

  4. This is such a beautifully written post. I am slowly trying to embed the idea of sustainability into our routine at the child care centre that I work at. My own kids have the idea, they are the ones who remind us 🙂

  5. So extremely important and sound moral values here that we can impart to our children. We all have an important responsibility as the supposed intelligent species to take a role in thinking about what we must to to preserve the tomorrows for our future generations – and the planet itself more broadly. Great post.

  6. Great things to think about and consider. We do a lot of charitable things but I need to include my kids with doing them more. If this generation respects nature more that will get us one step closer right?! Thanks for posting!

  7. Such a beautiful and inspirational post! My favorite is “Love Nature and Nature Will Love You” My daughter loves nature very much and enjoys playing outside all the time 🙂

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