Top Nursery Decor Ideas on a Budget

You might think that if you want to decorate a nursery, you’ll need a lot of bucks and that’s where you go wrong! You can gorgeously decorate your home nursery even on a budget. With a little information and some creativity, you can set up a chic yet cheap nursery for your little one. With everything you’ve heard from people, magazines or the TV you might think setting up a nursery might cost a fortune, but we have got the best and top nursery decor ideas on a budget:

Be wise with the furniture

You can buy a convertible crib, they may cost a lot, but even if you’re spending some money on it, you’re saving a lot for the future. You are aware of the fact that your baby will be growing older day by day so instead of placing the baby sized crib in the storage, you can just add a few spare parts and use it when your child stops fitting into the smallest size. This convertible crib will even take your little toddler to his or her college years. Also, invest in a good nursery glider. It will help you out with the long feeding sessions at night. And when you don’t need the nursery, you can keep the glider in your lounge.

Say no to baby bedding

Do not make a mistake to buy baby bedding, they always are so expensive; they are the biggest racket in the baby business. They might look incredibly cute to you, but they are also very dangerous, there is a high risk of them being able to suffocate the baby. Instead of buying these expensive beddings and putting your little one’s life at risk, you can always just get a cute sleep sack to keep your dreamer cozy and comfortable.

Keep renewing the nursery

Never fear a little renewing! You can always take out some old furniture from the storage or buy some second-hand things online and get them renewed; you’ll be amazed how brand new they will look. You can repaint and polish some old materials yourself or get them refinished for an even better result.

Trust the art game

Instead of buying some expensive art for the nursery you can go to a local art store and purchase some canvases, and just splash some paint and you’re good to hang it in the nursery, and you will be surprised how affluent and vibrant the nursery would look.

Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize

Accessorize wisely and don’t overdo anything because simplicity is elegant and it helps save money as well. Avoid clutter in the nursery because you don’t want the baby to trip over anything, therefore, keep the most used paths clear. Avoid buying a changing table because they are only used for some months, soon the babies will start rolling, and you’ll feel more comfortable changing them on a much larger surface.

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8 thoughts on “Top Nursery Decor Ideas on a Budget

  1. Changing tables whilst useful short term if you actually use them are pretty much a waste of money I agree. And they can take up loads of space too.

  2. I never bothered buying baby bedding, as like you said, can be dangerous. I just bought a baby grow bag and a sheet.

  3. I definitely agree that keeping it simple is better with a nursery. I see so many cluttered up with little ornaments and bits of “stuff”, I think less is always more in a nursery!

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