Organized Chaos – Driving Test and a Funeral Home

Yesterday was chaotic, I had the day off work to run errands.

The most important being my driver’s test.  I hate the whole method – A three part driver’s licence  – a written test and two road tests in a matter of 5 years. Yes, you heard me I had 5 years to get it all complete and I totally dropped the ball on this one. Technically, my licence expired on Nov. 11th – thank goodness I was able to get a 10 day extension –  yesterday was it. I had no choice but to drag my booty to the driver’s test place and take the dang road test. It so happens to be that I have wonderful luck and we got our first snow fall Sunday night. Perfect, roads covered in ice and snow that just made my day. Nerves had kicked in and I could barely hold back tears as the instructor had me perusing down neighborhood streets.  You all can rest assured I am now a fully licence driver and met all ministry requirements! Woohoooo I am never doing that again.

Later, in the car as we decided what the next errand will be, I noticed the following post on Facebook: “Ya know something baby who won’t stop crying at drive test canoteck….You Just made the List” I turned and glared at Rick – What? he replied. Did you really just tell everyone on Facebook that I was crying like a baby during my test??? He bust out laughing…. turns out there was an actually baby crying in the drive test center. Yah, I’m sure – I didn’t see a baby but whatever.

Then seeing as I had the day off work, I suggested to Rick that we go to the Funeral Home – okay I know this sounds odd but we really had to go there.  My mother-in-law passed away this last February and we had yet to pick up her ashes. I know we failed, it’s been 8 months we should have picked up the ashes sooner. As we were approaching the funeral home, Rick and I had a quick laugh about how his mom was probably waiting up in heaven to cuss him out for not picking her up sooner. If you knew my MIL you’d agree, she had that fun loving prankster spirit and loved to laugh with her family – okay and at them too every once in awhile.  Nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen, as we made our way into the front entrance way, Rick about died, literally. He tripped over the carpet at the front door and the next thing I knew he had face-planted right into the carpet. I could not even attempt to with hold any laughter. Here I was, legs crossed trying no to pee my pants, full fledge belly-aching laughing, snorting as I try to ask him if he’s alright – he just stared at me. A few scrapes and some bruising, but he’s alright.  This whole event really made my day and I’m so glad that I was there – I’m such a good wife, right?

How did you survive the Monday Blues yesterday?


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  1. well done on getting your drivers licence! I beat Mondays with a good cup of tea and The Walking Dead 😉

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