Our Crazy Bed Time Schedule

First, let me start off by saying that I’m probably one of the most laid-back and relaxed parents in the world. While there are some elements of life that I care a great deal about that, bed time on the weekend really never phases me much.


Of course, when the children we’re small their bed time scheduled rules the universe and we relied heavily on it once that clock ready 8PM.  Over the years the bed time schedule shifted. It varied day-to-day for various reasons, some logical and some not so much logical. We planned bed time around extra-curricular activities. On occasion, we allowed the children extra time for spontaneous visits from family and fun family outings.

The current television schedule has also played a huge role in our bed time routines.  I can only handle so many episodes of Toopy and Binoo or Max and Ruby before I’m ready to stab myself in the eye with a fork. And of course, let’s not forget the many late evening series that my husband and I wanted to watch that were simply not appropriate for tiny little humans and bed time had to be enforced. After all, I can’t stay up all night to binge watch an entire season of Sons of Anarchy. So yes,  I am the parent that manipulated bed time.

Now that our children have grown in to the teen years, 12 (almost) and 14, the bed time schedule has fluctuated and has changed slightly once again. Our children have developed interest in many of these television series that were once deemed inappropriate and we spend a great deal of time together enjoying regular TV with one another. Thankfully, we do have a PVR (DVR) and we record these shows during the week and binge-watch on weekends.This is not to say, we don’t enjoy other family activities such as board games, family outings or any other form of family bonding.

Of course, with that being said we have to major rules when we govern bed times.

The first rule being, is it a school night? On school nights, baring any late hockey practices or extra-curricular activities or special events (this may or may not include WWE pay-per-view events), 10pm seems to be the ruling.  Secondly, if they we’re misbehaved they would likely encounter an earlier bed time.

However, the weekends are a much different story.  We are more relaxed and laid-back and truth be told, if my children are not being annoying little shits, I have occasionally allowed them to stay up much later than I’d like to admit. I’m sure my kids will tell you, that I have said on more than one occasion, ” If you are annoying, then you can go to bed!”

While we may not enforce a specific bed time on the weekends, we do require that they are in their rooms being quiet and entertaining themselves with a book, Netflix or the video game.  This means they are not shouting, demanding multiple snacks or the never-ending pit of fluids – this translates to being annoying and bed time will quickly follow.

This laid-back relaxed weekend bed time schedule, does not mean that our children are up at all hours of the night. We’re not raising monsters and they are usually fast asleep in their bed like peaceful little angels before 11:30PM.

Do you have a strict bed time schedule or is more go with the flow and relaxed? Share your stories with us. We want to hear all about your schedule on twitter @busymomdiary1.

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