Smart & Savvy Business Ideas For Home-Based Moms

As a mom who wants to be around at home for your kids, the prospect of finding work can be something of a puzzle. Jobs are difficult to find, and the reality is that by the time you pay for childcare, you barely make any extra money. Of course, working is good for the soul, […]

How Your Smartphone Can Help You De-Stress

Even though stress is a natural part of everyday life, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it when it hits you. In fact, stress is not only widespread, but it can also be deadly if you don’t deal with it appropriately. Indeed, stress is the invisible enemy of your health, putting your mental health […]

Weekly Menu No. 21

This week sure has been another busy week for this crazy bunch. Ethan’s recovering from being sick, Kira had her professional photos taken on Tuesday and then we were in full-on hockey tournament mode. So, yeah, I’m slacking. This weekend, I spazzed and forgot to make the menu. But don’t fret, I’ve quickly put together […]

Chicken Alfredo Broccoli

Earlier this week, we adopted a brand new recipe — Chicken Alfredo Broccoli. I made this up on the fly, and to my surprise, my family liked it!! I loved that it was super easy to make. An excellent recipe for those busy nights when you’re too tired to cook anything fancy. Ingredients – jar […]

Are You Providing Your Kids With The Best Start In Life?

As a parent, you’re always going to want to make sure that you’re doing the very best for your children. However, it’s not always easy to know that you’re doing that. Of course, everyone will have their views and opinions on parenting – and that’s the great thing about being individual. However, when you find […]

Tips for Creating a Completely Safe Bathroom for Your Kids

Watching your kids enjoy a bath is one of the most special feelings in the world and a moment you realize you’ve done something right in your life. However, although most people think the environment that surrounds your baby isn’t as important as the care you provide them, it’s actually far away from the truth. […]

Parent Problems: How to Help Your Teen with an Eating Disorder

Watching your child struggle with an eating disorder is frustrating and can make you feel helpless. Remember that you’re not. People with eating disorders need ongoing love and support, even when they aren’t in a place where they can readily accept it. Let your child know that you will never give up on them and […]

Four Ways You Can Smash Your Day

It goes with the territory, but many of us moms have grueling busy schedules to adhere to each day, that often, come to the end of the day we can feel deflated, not good enough and riddled with mom guilt. It isn’t easy and each day can often be the same. But, it doesn’t need […]

How Does Baltic Amber Help With Teething?

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored content and/or paid advertising. With absolutely zero side-effects, the restorative properties of succinic acid contained in Baltic Amber effortlessly acts as a pain-reliever, anti-inflammatory, and a central nervous system stabilizer. Given the fragile condition of teething, parents, and children are both figuratively and literally ‘on-edge.’ Seeing that, Baltic Amber provides […]

Weekly Menu No. 20 (Slow-Cooker/Freeze Ahead Meals)

This week I’m feeling tired, and I just want to keep dinner simple and easy to make. I browsed the web, checked with google and then compiled my list of easy go-to meals. I’m sharing the menu with you now, and all week I’ll be posting my easy-to-follow guide on how to make these meals […]