Guest Post: 5 Things That Will Soothe Your Baby

Remember the famous interview question about being in World War II Germany, hiding with Jews as Nazi soldiers look for you, and holding a baby who wouldn’t stop crying? It’s a question that tests a person’s character by making him choose between letting the Nazi soldiers find him or finding a way to make the baby shut up. Whoever created the interview question knew how hard it is to stop a baby from crying. Fortunately, we live in an era where there are products that will keep your baby and you from further upset.

Baby Swing

The womb isn’t as peaceful as we imagine. During her 9-month stay inside your womb, your baby was part of all of your movements. She’s used to an always moving and vibrating world, so as a newborn, the stillness of our world makes her upset. Place your baby in a swing to mimic the movements in the womb. Baby swings are known to stop crying.

Massage Lotion

Just like us, babies love a good massage. Gentle touches calm down children. The massage and the scent that comes with the massage lotion, when you apply it on your baby, soothe him/her. It stops the tears and makes her sleep comfortably. Sometimes, even just gently rubbing one part of your baby’s body can relieve her. Try this when you can’t apply massage lotion on your baby.


There has been this talk about the damaging effect of pacifiers on a baby. The truth is that pacifiers don’t affect a baby’s development at all. Pacifiers are essential items in baby care. Sucking on anything is natural for babies because it calms and relaxes them, and they outgrow this tendency after seven months. Your child will forget her pacifier in seven months.

Play Sound

A womb is also a noisy place. The baby hears the mother’s heart, stomach, and blood flow. So newborns don’t feel as comfortable in complete silence as much as we do. We usually try to lessen noise when a baby should be sleeping, but too much silence is disturbing to her. Play sounds like the whirring of an electrical appliance, or use white noise like rain and water sounds.

Go Outside

Babies love Nature, and Nature loves them back. The winds, the colors, and the sounds mesmerize and distract babies from crying. Babies also love being moved around and changes of scenery. Carry your baby in a sling bag and walk around the neighborhood with her. This can be a chance for you to make friends with fellow new moms in your community and an opportunity for your baby to meet her first friend ever.

You don’t always need materials to have a happy baby. One of the simplest ways to soothe your baby is to remove her clothes and let her lie down on your bare chest. Skin-to-skin contact can calm children and make them stop crying.

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