Thinking Outside of the Box: Alternative Storage Solutions for Busy Family Homes

Any parent with a growing family will be well aware of how much chaos little ones can bring to your previously neat, tidy and organized home. Before they are even walking, their seemingly endless new belongings can end up taking up most of your domestic space. Bibs, nappies, creams, and bottles take over almost every surface in your home, play mats take up floor space, and you’ll find teddy bears and security blankets in places that you’d never usually expect to find them. As your kids grow, not only do you still have their old belongings, but you have an influx of new, age appropriate toys, activities and learning materials.

The chaos never ends! The good news? While you may not live in a show home anymore and your interiors may no longer seem like they’re taken straight out of a home design magazine, you wouldn’t change it for the world! But before you resign yourself to the cruel fate of stepping on stray Lego bricks on a daily basis, remember that one thing is going to be your best friend for the next few years: storage. Practical storage solutions within and outside of your humble abode can work wonders when it comes to simply maintaining a neat and tidy family home. Here are a few alternative storage options for you to consider to improve the appearance and organization of your house.

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Annual Clear Outs

As your children get older, they will outgrow most of their things. This doesn’t only mean clothing: they are likely to lose interest in toys and games that they have mastered or completed and will focus their energies on more age appropriate activities as they progress and mature. Kids develop so quickly that each year you will find more and more abandoned items unnecessarily taking up space. This is why we’d recommend an annual clear out.

Gather all items that are no longer used. You then have a few different options. While extremely worn or broken items should be disposed of (and recycled when possible), you should avoid throwing good quality items in the trash. If you are planning on having more children down the line, you may like to save certain belongings for them. In this case, use exterior Storage Facilities to keep them safe but out of your way until they are needed. If you aren’t planning on having any more children, you can offer them to friends or family members looking to have little ones, sell them to other expectant mothers at a low price or donate them to charity stores. This way they will benefit another child without contributing to waste.

Designated Toy Storage

Toys pose a household dilemma: they are used so frequently that neatly putting them away seems a waste of time, but when not in use they pose a trip hazard for anyone entering your home. But not to worry, there’s a good compromise that benefits everyone. Invest in the form of toy storage that best suits your home. This may take the form of a toy chest, toy box, bags or baskets. You can throw all of your child’s toys into one of these options once they’re done playing for the day, clearing your floors in one fell swoop that doesn’t take up too much time or effort. What’s more? You can get your little ones into good habits from an early age by asking them to place items in the toy store whenever they’re not in use without worrying about items being positioned wrongly or dangerously.

These are just a couple of options that you can try out when clearing your home up. Remember that there are plenty more out there, so you’re bound to find something that is ideal for you, your family and your home.

6 thoughts on “Thinking Outside of the Box: Alternative Storage Solutions for Busy Family Homes

  1. These are great ideas! I think anytime I put some effort into organizing an area of my home, it feels so much better! xo~D

  2. Love your idea of donating toys to less fortunate children! We always do Shoebox gifts at Christmas and hope to have our kids learn the JOY of giving to others! We also built rafters in our garage that hold several of our storage boxes up above our vehicles…it’s a great way to store, keep things safe from water damage, and not have to designate any closets to boxes!

  3. We just cleared out almost all of our toys for a giant move. I asked my son what was important to him, and I was surprised at how little he actually cared about! Felt great, and he hasn’t missed the clutter!

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