Stop Muttering Swear Words Under Your Breath And Learn To Chill Out

As moms, we know that life can sometimes be a little taxing, especially when we’ve got kids. But going to the kitchen to mutter swear words under our breath isn’t going to sort the problem out. In fact, being in a constant rage is terrible for you and could be damaging your health.

It’s time for a stress detox.

Here are some science-backed ways to banish those feelings of rage and those nasty words you’ve been muttering to yourself all by your lonesome.

Break Out The Tunes

Music has a way of bypassing all our usual mental defenses and going directly to the base of the brain – the part of the brain which is responsible for all our raging outbursts. As a result, the music that we listen to can have a profound effect on our mood. Scientists know this. Recently, they conducted a study to try to find the most relaxing song in the world. Their answer was Weightless by the Marconi Union according to So break out your headphones, put on some relaxing music and let it take you to a better place.

Start Gobbling Dark Chocolate
The Mayan kings used to call chocolate “the food of the Gods.” They believed that it had magical powers, capable of making a man live forever. Despite their scientific illiteracy, they were kind of on the right tracks. It turns out that the chocolate bean is one of the most complex and nutrient-dense foods on the planet, offering potentially dozens of health benefits.

Unfortunately, chocolate’s good name was sullied in the 19th century when British chocolatiers started adding unhealthy ingredients to chocolate, like sugar, fat, and milk. The resulting product tasted good, but it was a far cry from the liquid chocolate drunk by the Mayan kings.

The good news, though, is that stressed moms can gorge on dark chocolate (which is low in sugar and doesn’t contain cow’s milk) to help them relax. A study suggested that eating just 40 grams of dark chocolate a day is enough to get our brains to release happy chemicals that make us feel good.

Hop On The Cross Trainer
There’s a reason so many sites, like, are talking about cross trainers. They’re one of the best exercise platforms ever devised by man. The best thing about them is that they make it feel as if you are on a gentle walk while helping you burn loads of calories.

Many moms find exercise stressful. But the science is clear that exercise actually helps to reduce the amount of stress hormone in our bodies over the course of a day, and makes us feel happier to boot. Swapping out painful jogs for easy sessions on the cross trainer might be just the thing that your mind needs to relax and unwind.

Get Some Lavender
Lavender has been used to fragrance people’s homes for generations. But now science has suggested that merely smelling lavender can alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress. Try grabbing a lavender plant from your local garden center and see if it makes a difference to the atmosphere in your house.

19 thoughts on “Stop Muttering Swear Words Under Your Breath And Learn To Chill Out

  1. Moat definatly all of these help me to chill out, i never used to like dark chocolate but now i can’t handle much of the other stuff and my kids love it too.

  2. Loved these tips – I’m an avid fan of lavender room mists and oils. Never knew that about the dark chocolate though. Finally, a valid excuse to gorge on chocolate! x

  3. Rage and stress are definitely not good for you health, so it’s good to use whatever method works for you to release all of that. I believe music is always a balm for whatever is troubling us. It really can take you away from the stress and soothe you. Great tips!

  4. fab tips It is hard at times when you haven’t had a full nights sleep to not feel drained and have time to think of putting on music fuzzy head syndrome lol !

  5. I’ve been trying to work on my cursing. It’s become a terrible habit and i’m just waiting for the f word to come out of my kids mouth! (or worse, the girl I nanny) So I am totally checking that song out (right now actually) and gonna drop some lavender on my wrists! *deep breaths*

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