The Effing Teenage Years

Parents often think that raising children in the toddler stages is the most difficult. I used to be this parent, until we entered into the unknown world of teenagers. Do you remember having a bad day, and then your toddler would come hug you and proclaim how much they loved you? Those days are gone, […]

10 Wishes For My Children

Like many children, mine do not always hear the words that I speak to them. They have the ability to stare at me and not hear a word that I have said. I admit, I talk a lot, but that’s only because I am trying to teach the way of the world to them.  If […]

Parenting Fails – Epic Fails!

There will be times that you question your parenting choices. Mistakes happen to the best of us. You will have bad days that will leave you in tears telling yourself that you’re not cut out for this parenting thing, that you don’t measure up to Jessica, Sammy or Tom down the street. Middle finger up […]