How To Make Your Kitchen Work For Any Occasion

Kitchen’s have the reputation as the hub and the heart of a home. It’s where we feed our families, socialize with friends, and teach our kids vital cookery skills. It’s an important place for the family to gather and lots of memories are made here. So if it is such an important room why neglect […]

Bleh… Monday.. Go Away!

This morning I had a serious case of the Monday Blues. Maybe this is due in large part to the extreme insomnia that I have been experiencing the last few weeks or maybe it is because I have been up off and on since 2:30am with an upset stomach that kept me on the floor […]

Annoying & Amusing – Just An Ordinary Day In The Office

Every few days, my name comes across the reception schedule. This means that I have the task of answering telephone and watching over the front desk – greeting clients and receiving courier packages.  This task varies day-to-day and can go from downright busy to nap time  time within a few minutes. Most days, people are […]