Your Baby… The First Few Weeks

You don’t need me to tell you that you’ve come a long way to get to this point, and now your baby is here; you might have one of two thoughts running through your mind. Either “this is where the fun begins” or “what am I gonna do?!” Both are natural, but in those first few crucial weeks, you will learn so much about how to look after your baby, and so much about yourself. But there are some things that nobody tells you.

You’ll Finally Realize What You’re Capable Of
You’ve been through the agony of childbirth, and no other pain will come close. So get some perspective now, because you’ve done the hard bit. Looking after a baby may require getting up a lot in the night (and in the day), but you’ve mentally prepared yourself by going through the most difficult physical act ever! So be proud, and you can tackle anything that comes your way. We all have some difficult times, and the lack of sleep can be the biggest thing to drag you down, but just sleep when you can (which is easier said than done). It gets easier! And that’s the most important thing to remember; you’re in the hardest part of it all! You’ll look back and wonder how you got through the first few weeks; it’s because you’re tough as nails!

Being Emotional Is Par For The Course
When the milk comes, you’ll know. Specialists will say that you “might get a tad emotional, ” but that is a drastic understatement! You will be up, down, left, right, and all over the place. I’m just warning you now, so you’ll make a bit more sense of it when it happens. Your partner simply needs to be aware of this before it happens because they may take offense, or they may play the “I’m tired too” card! It’s your hormones, and it will even out. But you need to ride it out and get some support from your partner. Absent-mindedness or “baby brain” is an all too common part of this too, so have a pen and paper handy for anything that comes to mind. In all the excitement and never-ending stream of visitors, you will forget some basics. As a handy little guide, here is a baby essentials shopping list, just in case there’s anything you think you might have missed. You and your partner will be operating on minimal sleep so know when to take a step back from each other too. You’re both emotional, and you’re both tired, so be as practical as possible because it’ll help.

Try And Keep Healthy
The temptation to eat quick, easy meals is always there during those first few weeks. As a precautionary measure, I batch cooked a load of healthy meals and froze them, so all I had to do was microwave it, and it was ready to go. And here’s a handy hint, make sure the food is hotter than you’d usually have it. It’ll take a lot longer to eat!

4 thoughts on “Your Baby… The First Few Weeks

  1. What a lovely post – it brings back so many memories. That picture should have warned me that this post would make me feel so nostalgic.

    This is packed with good information. I love the suggestion about keeping yourself healthy, it is so easy to forget about yourself and focus on your little one.

  2. Yes, I agree with all of the above! And, honestly, just take time to absorb the amazing feat you just achieved, and take in the innocence and pure adorableness of baby!

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