The Great Flyer Extravaganza!


After much debate, we decided to allow the minions to get a small paper route, it couldn’t be that bad right? Here’s the deal, the flyers get delivered to your door, you package them and then deliver them to all 166 houses on the route.. and all for $0.21 per house. I laughed! It will take the kids months to be able to enjoy the benefits from this paying job.   

Imagine my surprise when this adventure doubled as team-building exercise, forcing the minions to work together.  Not only will the route teach them some responsibility, appreciation for money, but it teaches them to work together. Almost immediately, they managed to bundle up the flyers, loaded up the car and they were ready with excitement. 

We knew that we were going to have to purchase something to transport all the flyers from house to house and street by street. We browsed kijiji and found two used foldable carts, for $15. Score! I advanced the kids a small business loan with zero interest. 

Lesson #1 – Always pay your loans on time and when you say will. 

After one week, countless hours of bundling paper and over tens of thousands of steps, they succeeded! We all survived and no one died!!!! 

Reward: Pay Cheque – Small Loan = Profit  ($36.75- 15.00 = $21.75)

PS. I’m not the mean mommy, I let them keep the entire profit, they each made $18. 


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