Three Things I Discovered from a Night Out

A few nights ago, we we’re lucky enough to attend our first hockey game of the season, and I’m unnerved to say the first in many years.  As my son pointed out, on average we have attended one game every four years! That’s ridiculous – we live in Canada and we’re a hockey loving family. We should be attending much more games, and I wondered why we never attempted too previously.

We were lucky enough to purchase tickets for a cost of $30.00 each – sure we were seated in the 300L – but our view wasn’t that bad and we did really have a good time during the first period.

The boy child and the hubs were hungry and thirsty – I swear can’t take these two anywhere. Sigh, but I really couldn’t blame them I was pretty starved and the game started right at 5PM. We then made our way over to the concession area and I nearly had a heart attack when the cashier rung us up and gave me a total of $40.00. Shrugs, whatever nothing I can do about it we’re hungry.

That was the defining  moment that things suddenly became clear to me, I remembered why we don’t attend hockey games as a family all that often.  As I  looked around the arena at the hundreds, if not thousands of empty seats, I have to think that if we were not paying players millions of dollars that just maybe more average families would attend the game and the arena would be packed.


1.  A bottle of pop cost me $6.00.  I could easily purchase this same bottle at the dollar store for less than $1.00 – What in the hell?

2. A hot dog cost me $6.00. I’m not even talking about a juicy or tasty jumbo dog. This was a hot dog that I could have purchased a 12 pack of for $3.00.

3. I learned shortly after attending this game that the price of tickets vary depending on what teams are playing.. that’s some bullshittery right there! Ethan will likely never be in position to see his favorite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs play live as the cheapest ticket to one of these games is $80.00 each. You mean to tell me the same seat that I sat in for this game, the price almost triples depending on what teams are playing – what kind of scheme is that?

I did have a good time at the game and would love to attend many more games –  I am not predicting many game nights for our family – not when the average cost is over $200.00!

Have you and your family attended many NHL games? What’s your favorite sporting event to attend?


14 thoughts on “Three Things I Discovered from a Night Out

  1. That’s crazy pricing! I’m not really one for sporting events but my cousin goes to see the Cardiff Devils ice hockey here and I’ve heard a lot of complaining for prices, too. I’m more of a concert goer and think the prices are ludicrous for refreshments and you’re not allowed to take your own.

    1. Yep, concerts are just as outrageous. I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t even bring a bottle of water.

  2. Eek! $80.00 is a lot! Especially when it’s $50 cheaper for the same seat with a different team playing! I always find with these events that prices are ridiculously high.

  3. I have never attended at NHL game before but it sounds very interesting and expensive.. The bottle of water was $6.00?? Wow! That’s really a lot for water..

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. That’s mega expensive…but I guess places like that can take advantage that people want to eat and are hungry. It sounds like a fun night though!

  5. Oh wow, the cost of a hot dog and pop at the game is so expensive! I’m always amazed at the amounts venues will charge for those sorts of things but then I guess they have a captive audience! It’s such a shame that there weren’t more people there, but I hope that you managed to have a nice family evening out regardless. x

    1. We did have such a great time, I wish it didn’t all come down to our budget. I’d love to attend more games.

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