Twitchy Twitchy

So I have developed this eyelid twitch that drives me insane.. I googled it, because it’s twitching and even though  other people may not even notice it, I do!!!! I feel like I have a Gimp Eye because of it.

Here are some of the “causes”:

*Stress – alright, this would totally make sense right about now.

*Tiredness – legit! Lack of sleep has me  quite cranky these days.

*Eye strain –  I probably shouldn’t be staring at a computer screen for 15+ hours a day.. but how would I get any work done and any Facebook completed.

*Caffeine – this is the first food group on my food pyramid. I might not drink coffee but I do get my caffeine fix daily!!!

*Alcohol – Goes along with number 1 and the holiday season.

*Nutritional imbalances – Goes along with number 4 & 5.

With this research it would appear that I will forever be known as gimp-eyed Crystal!!

20 thoughts on “Twitchy Twitchy

  1. Vision-related stress is one of the most common causes of eye twitching. According to eye doctors of Arizona Retinal Specialists, it happens when your eye works too much and doesn’t get enough rest. It occurs when you’re in front of the computer for hours, looking at mobile devices for a long time, or if you lose sleep. Anyways, if you think you’re experiencing eyelid twitching due to eyestrain, make sure to relax your eyes. Just take breaks in between work hours and get enough hours of sleep.

  2. I sometimes have this, I can only presume it’s down to staring at a computer screen for so long and tiredness! xo

  3. Such a wonderful post! I get twitchy twitchy sometimes too, especially when I don’t have enough sleep.

  4. Honestly I just love your blog! I get twitchy when something bad is about to happen! So weird!

  5. I actually had this before and it lasted a long time, mine seems to come on from stress and overdoing it and at the time I went for treatment I was working in very high stress job that could not be avoided. I went to eye dr and they called it some sort of spastic eye, It can be treated with botox and insurance pays for it because its a medical condition. I had a little sqirt in my eye rim and twitching gone and has never returned!

  6. Great research on your twitchy eye – I get it often as well – the involuntary muscle twitch! I always put it down to tiredness – any excuse to switch off! It’s great to self-diagnose with all the info on the web isn’t it?!

  7. I too actually have an eye twitch and it certainly gets worse when I don’t get enough sleep or I am very stressed – things I rally need to address as it drives me crazy. Good to know I’m not the only one

    Laura x

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