Under Pressure: How You Can Relieve the Load

Life is stressful, and sometimes it’s a lot to handle. As a parent, you have your kids to worry about, plus all the usual concerns that everyone has. You might be juggling your children, a partner, your job, helping your parents, and various other commitments. It can all get on top of you, and there might come a time when you realize that something needs to change. There must be a way for you to take the pressure off and perhaps enjoy your life more. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can rearrange your life to make everything a little easier to handle.

Reassess Your Priorities

One of the first things you can do if you want to relieve some of the pressure of all your commitments and obligations is to think about what matters to you. Who and what are the most important things in your life? Deciding what matters most to you can help you to work out which commitments you might be able to let go or hand to someone else. Maybe you like the one afternoon a week you spend volunteering, but you’ve decided that time with your kids is more important. Or perhaps you would rather have some time to yourself than spend all your spare time cleaning your home.

Stop Carrying the Mental Load

Have you heard about the “mental load”? It’s the idea that, in the home, there’s a lot of mental effort required to manage everything. It’s not so much the actual chores themselves, but the planning and organization that goes into running a household. It can include anything from planning to meals to remembering family birthdays. Some people argue that this often falls mostly to the woman of the house. If you feel like it’s always your job to keep everyone and everything organized, you’re probably in need of a break. Unless you’re a single parent, there should be someone else who can take on some of these tasks. If you parent alone, it can help at least a little to use organizational tools that make it easier to manage everything.

Work Out How to Manage Money

Money is nearly always a major stressor in people’s lives. Many people spend a lot of time worrying about it, even when they’re financially comfortable. While it’s hard to stop thinking about money entirely (and you probably shouldn’t), there are things you can do to ease some of your biggest worries. If you’re struggling with money, getting financial advice can help you to work out a plan to make things better. If you’re thinking about the future, seeking professional advice can also help. However, that could mean anything from reading some blog posts to seeing a financial advisor.

Get Help with Care

As a parent, you spend a lot of time caring for your child. And as a child, you might also end up contributing to care for your parents too. While you love both your kids and your parents, it can be exhausting to spend so much of your time caring for others. If you look after your parents, it might be time to consider what other care options are available. They range from assisted living facilities that provide care for the elderly while still allowing for independence, to nursing homes for people who might need more care. You can find a suitable option that your parents are happy with.

You can also get help caring for your children. Parents can often feel guilty for not wanting to spend all their time with their children, but you’re allowed to have your own life. It’s also often necessary to look for childcare so that you can go to work or get on with doing other necessary things. Some people are lucky enough to have parents or other relatives who can help with childcare, but not everyone is. Those that are should be careful not to take it for granted. If you need other options, you could hire a nanny, babysitter or au pair, or you could look for places for your kids to go outside your home.

Hire Someone for Chores

The idea of hiring someone to do any of your chores might feel a little strange to you. Some people might picture it as something only mainly wealthy people can do, especially for regular tasks like cleaning your home. But you do need to be rich to hire someone to help out around the house. If you feel like you waste a lot of your time cleaning or doing other household chores, you could save some time by getting someone else to do it. You don’t have to hire a cleaner to come once a week. It could just be someone to mow your lawn once in a while.

Understand Your Kids Better

Of course, if you’re a parent, parenting is one of your greatest challenges. Every parent can get frustrated and feel like they’re not doing it right. It can be particularly hard when your children are misbehaving, and you’re not sure how to deal with it. It can help to get a better understanding of your kids, and of children in general. A lot of parents don’t find it easy to remember that their children aren’t just miniature adults. They still have a lot of learning to do, so you can’t expect them to be perfectly formed human beings right away. They might not yet have the capacity to understand something you want them to know.

Lower Your Expectations

Much of the pressure that parents experience is the pressure that they put on themselves. If you feel like you’re under a lot of pressure, think about how much of that is your invention. If you lower your expectations of yourself, you could find that you feel a lot calmer. It could also help to reduce what you expect from your children.

If you feel like everything is piling on top of you, take a deep breath and work out what you can change. It could be your circumstances that might change, or perhaps it’s you.


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