Cheap Date Ideas: Valentine’s Day Edition

February – the month that is most often referred to as the month of love. Nuzzled into the middle of the month is the exceptional Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day, my least favorite holiday EVER. It’s over-rated, and too often my social media is boasting with proposal post after the next – this is not a romantic gesture for me. I’ll probably stab you in the eye with a fork. But then again, I’m not known for being on the romantic side.

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day has adults rushing around to find the perfect gift to proclaim their undying love to their partner. I don’t find it romantic that my husband bought me flowers and delectable chocolates. It’s Valentine’s Day – he doesn’t get a reward for that. I’d much rather he buy me chocolates on a random Tuesday or buy me flowers because he knows I had a sucky week at work. The small, non-traditional and random acts of love are what I deem romantic.

Not every girl (or partner) needs an expensive gift and fancy dinners on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes the best days are the unplanned and wonderful nights at home with the one that you love. Here are my top  Valentine’s Day date night ideas for the couple that wants to celebrate but doesn’t want to break the bank. You can view other date night ideas by clicking right here.


  1. Get yourself fancied up in your favorite jeans for a night on the town. Find the best local happy hour locations and make the appetizers a shared meal.
  2. Go on a very long walk in your neighborhood. If you have children, make it an extra-long walk. You’ll enjoy the quietness.
  3. Make breakfast in bed for each other, turn the TV on and just relax.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you look forward to the glitz and glamour of the holiday?

2 thoughts on “Cheap Date Ideas: Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. I’m with you, I think it is the non-traditional acts that are romantic. Showing you care or listen by doing little romantic acts of kindness when it means the most! I do however believe for long-term relationships it’s easy to get swept up in the busyness of life – kids, work and anything inbetween. Then couples easily forget to say I love you or have dates. This is a time to make time for it x

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