Making Your Vehicle Into A Safe Sanctuary

No parent likes the idea of taking their child into a dangerous situation. Basic human instinct forces you to avoid this sort of risk, instead opting to keep your baby as safe as possible. All of this seems to go out of the window when people get onto the road, though. Unfortunately, whether through a budget, time, or a simple lack of interest in cars, a lot of people buy their car based on its condition and price. But, of course, there’s a lot more at play.

The way your car is built, the tools you use, and the way you drive all contribute to the safety of your driving career. To ensure that you have the best of all worlds in this, this post will be going through some of the areas you have to consider, as well as the ways to make them safe and sound. A lot of people don’t consider this area of their family safety. But, in reality, the roads are one of the most dangerous places people like to go, and, so, you have to work hard to make them safer.

The Car Itself

The vehicle you drive makes a huge difference to the safety of your family when you’re on the road. Some cars are much better at sustaining impacts than other, whereas other cars are better at stopping or avoiding collisions. There is a huge range of safety features found on modern vehicles. From model to model, you’ll find a host of options which can be very confusing to look through. Below, you’ll find some of the most important features to look for, to help you avoid the confusion when you’re shopping for a motor.

Features To Look For

In most places, it’s illegal for a child under a certain age or height to be in a car without a particular booster seat to keep them safe. To make sure you can mount this sort of tool correctly, it’s worth making sure that the car you choose has Isofix anchor points to enable you to secure a seat safely. There are other security mechanisms available, but Isofix tends to be the most popular on modern cars.

Airbags can be equally as dangerous as they are safe if they are placed or misused. A lot of modern cars give you the ability to turn off the airbags around your car as you see fit, enabling you to deactivate any which could harm your child when they’re in their seat. Most seat manufacturers will provide clear instructions to help you decide which ones to turn off.

A lot of accidents on modern roads are caused when people make mistakes or fail to pay attention. Human error is slowly being removed as an issue for cars, though, with loads of new features which can control the vehicle for you. Automatic braking is the most popular of these tools, as it is one of the most effective. With a system like this, you will be much less likely to hit another car or a pedestrian, making you’re driving a lot safer.

When researching a car online, you’ll find loads of different metrics and scales used to show how safe a car is. Of course, though, using resources from so many sources can be very confusing. To solve this when you’re looking for a safe car, you can use an organization like to help you. With their huge list of different cars and an easy reviewing system to compare them with, this is the best way to make sure that you’re driving the right motor. Below, you can find two of NCAP’s best-rated cars from last year.

Some Example Cars

The Toyota Prius has long been a top-rated car amongst those who want an excellent economy in their vehicle. The Prius uses a hybrid drive system, enabling the car to be powered by batteries during some of its operation. Along with this, though, the Prius also has a huge range of safety features. Wellbeing and economy have long been two of Toyota’s fundamental principles. This attitude can be seen across their full-range of cars, but the Prius is the best option for a family.

Of course, though, the looks and styling of the Prius might not be for everyone. Instead, some people will want something a little less futuristic, and a little bigger to store all of their family essentials. The VW Tiguan follows right behind the Prius when it comes to their scores on NCAP. But, rather than offering a hatchback option with this prestige, VW has created an SUV. With cars like this already being safe for the occupants, VW has also managed to make the vehicle safe for pedestrians and other vehicles, too.

Additional Accessories

Along with the car itself, you also need to consider some of the tools you use to help you on the road. As time goes by, more and more options are springing up which promise to make your driving career a lot safer. Of course, though, it’s not always easy to know what is best for you. So, to help you out, below you’ll find some of the best safety gadgets for any car.

Like mentioned above, child seats are a legal requirement throughout a significant portion of the world. Along with this, you should also be using one because you want to keep your child safe. When you’re choosing something like this, it’s essential that you use a site like to help you. This will give you a good idea of the options available, while also giving you the chance to explore and compare the ones you like.

Over the last few years, camera technology has become much cheaper. Thanks to falling prices of electronics, as well as components becoming smaller, it’s cheaper than ever to have your car hooked up with video feeds. Being able to see the areas surrounding your car as you drive is an excellent way to avoid potential threats. Along with this, it can also give you great evidence if you ever have to go to court over a driving related incident.

Finally, a good sat nav can also be a great tool for road safety. Of course, knowing where you need to go is very helpful, but won’t help your safety much. This isn’t where a sat nav shines, though. Along with their ability to geolocate, most sat navs also have speed warning capabilities. By having a device telling you when you’re breaking the speed limit, you’ll be much less likely to have a speed-related collision.

The Way You Drive

The way you drive will have a tremendous impact on the safety of your family and the other road users around you. In most cases, it’s much better to drive defensively rather than offensively. This way, you’ll be focusing more on the drivers around you than getting to where you need to go quickly. A lot of people find that their driving skills slip over the years after their test. As you drive for longer and longer, you’ll slowly start to pick up bad habits. The only way to solve this is to go back and take some refresher lessons with a professional instructor.

Hopefully, this post will give you all the help you need when you’re trying to find a car and driving style which match the safety concerns you have. The roads can be hazardous, but, over time, they are slowly becoming safer. Over the coming years, you can expect to see some huge leaps in this area.


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  1. We’re just starting to think about having kids so this is a great reminder of all the things I need to do to prepare for a baby when that time comes!

  2. Great post! One of the companies I work for is a Driver Education company and it has made me even more of a crazy person when it come to car safety and my kids!

  3. Hey Crystal, this is an awesome post on choosing a car for safety features. I ended up going with an SUV for the Audi Q7 features. It has many of the features that you recommend with a larger frame. I think it was the right match between my driving style and safety. Thank you for reassuring me.

  4. Great article! It is evident that you have researched vehicle safety for children and have made. The importance of purchasing a good car seat is critical. Don’t assume that just because your child has reached a certain age, that they are “too old” for a car seat. Thanks for such a timely article! 🙂

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