6 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Babies are always a reason for celebration, and if you have a friend or a relative who is about to have one, then you must come up with a perfect baby shower gift. Nowadays, mothers-to-be get all sorts of gifts at baby showers and most of them are completely unnecessary. That’s why it is important to find a gift that is unique, thoughtful and useful so that it doesn’t end up in the trash or in a basement storage unit. Here are six baby shower gifts every new mother will cherish.

Play mat

Basically, everything that can entertain the little one will be a great gift for the future mom. Play mats are not only a fun and amazing thing to have, they are also very stimulating for the senses and helpful for mastering eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. The most important things to look for when buying a play mat are a soft quilt below so that the child can lie comfortably, as well as teether and toys of vivid colors. Also, the mother-to-be would be very satisfied if the mat is machine-washable and easy to fold and store.

Baby car seat

Baby’s safety is a priority for all parents, and that’s why baby car seat makes an ideal gift for parents who are trying to gather all the necessary equipment for their little one. However, you need to be really attentive when buying this item, since it needs to meet all the essential safety and health recommendations. Buy this product only from reliable manufacturers, and be sure that it is built to last. An extra plus is if the rear-facing seat for newborns can be converted into a forward-facing seat for toddlers.

Baby carrier

Modern parents are very active, and moms are always on the run – from the nursery to the kitchen, parks, supermarkets, etc. Although it is possible to transport your baby in a car seat or a stroller, nothing can be compared with the feeling of closeness provided by the baby carrier. There are various types of baby carriers, including slings and front carriers, but quality baby wraps are the most versatile because they are easily adjustable. If you opt for a baby wrap, make sure the material used for it is soft, comfy and organic.

A stylish diaper bag

Most of the baby shower gifts are toys and clothes for the baby, but you need to think of the mommy too. When the little bundle of joy is born, a mother needs to completely change her lifestyle, which also includes style and fashion. Traditional diaper bags can be spotted from a distance, but if you manage to find a stylish neutral-colored (grey, beige, brown or black) diaper bag, you’ll be mum’s favorite baby shower guest. The bag should have pockets for bottle, baby food, phone, and wallet.

Gift certificates

Getting several baby shower gifts of the same kind can be a bit frustrating. What to do with two car seats or too many stuffed toys? Gift certificates allow parents to buy things they actually need and be fully prepared for the baby’s arrival. You can choose between buying a gift certificate for baby equipment, a megastore certificate so that they can buy enough diapers, wet wipes, and other supplies, or something more creative like family photo session certificate.

New moms deserve the best

Carrying a life inside of your belly is wonderful, but also exhausting, and mothers need to be rewarded for that. Think outside the box when buying baby shower presents and try to help mommy-to-be to relax and rest. This can include various things, including a spa day or a massage, gift card for a clothing brand (nothing like postpartum style makeover), new hairstyle, manicure, and pedicure, or a couple of hours of childcare service.

These ideas should have you covered for all the future baby showers you will attend. Just remember that everything you are buying for the baby should be of the best quality so that it doesn’t compromise the little one’s health or safety.

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  1. Hi Georgia, excellent gift ideas for a perfect baby shower function. I am a mother of twin sisters and I got a photo shoot arranged by my friends on my baby shower. I’ll never forget this beautiful gift my entire life.

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