A (Child-Free) Night On A Small Budget!

It’s finally arrived! The night you and your partner have been waiting for. The child(ren) are with the grandparents, and you and your significant other are looking forward to a fun-filled night out somewhere. But there’s one problem, between the two of you, you only have enough money to either A) go “on the town” for two drinks, or B) have an epic night in, which do you choose?

Have you had this dilemma before? The bane of being a parent means that you have no money, ever! So you need to think on your feet about what to do for your one night out a month/year/decade, so here are some handy preparation tips and ideas for your limited to zero budget.

Plan Ahead
It may sound obvious, but if you give yourself something to aim for, you will make the necessary financial preparations so you can enjoy yourself. If you only have one night out every six months, then open a small savings account and put a little bit in here and there. Before you know it, you’ve got enough saved up for a night out between the two of you, and you can pay for it all on the card, which means you don’t have to worry about who paid for what or whose round it is! While it can be difficult to put a bit of money aside, especially when there are essential items you need to buy for the kids, getting into the habit of buying cheaper items, or buying things when they’re on sale will help. You can even try online coupon sites. You can get Ulta Coupons & Promo Codes for May 2017 and get yourself a cute dress while you’re at it! An inventive way to get the men to save is to put a swear jar in the kitchen!

What Do You Want To Do?
If you know your plan for a night out, then it makes it easier to budget. If you go to the movies, you can get 2 for 1 on tickets on certain nights, and you can get the most out of the snack deals on offer. If you want to go for a meal, decide on where you want to go and look at the menu online before heading there. For those that just want to let the night take them wherever, it’s much harder to plan ahead of course!

Have A Gathering
You may not even want to go out as a couple, and instead, opt for a big night out with friends. If so, have a gathering. Ask people to bring their drinks, and you can stock the cabinet with the money planned for a night out, and you may even have a little bit left over. They say that staying in is the new going out, so make it a good one! Get some of your friends over and have a party, or if you can’t bear the idea of cleaning up the next day, gently nudge someone else to have one!

27 thoughts on “A (Child-Free) Night On A Small Budget!

  1. Being children-free for a night would be good. I am still looking forward to the first one. I would probably just stay in and binge on a few movies.

  2. i dont know how you guys do it. I own a fur baby and that alone is stressful <3 I love the preplanning super smart

  3. These are all awesome suggestions on how to save on a date night. It’s good to be able to just spend some quiet time alone without the kids. It’s a must for married couples!

  4. I have friends with children and a child-free night is definitely something they look forward to. They usually grab a few activity deals from groupon that way it’s affordable and still fun.

  5. I wonder if this will happen to me and my partner once we have kids. But I will always want to spend time with my family but having my own time with my partner every now and then is also great.

  6. I like the planning ahead and budgeting ahead for the night out. It won’t hurt as much if you keep a little amount of money for the two of you for a long period of time. Plus it gives a chance for something grander like eating out in a really good resto.

  7. Haha I get a child free every night. Those when my sister had her youngest child she would use to let babysit her so my sister could have a child-free evening. xx

  8. Ugh I need a child free night, but my little one is still nursing so frequently that I can barely get my butt to the car before she needs to feed again! Can’t wait until she is a little older so I can get just one night without kids… is one night too much to ask?! 😀

  9. I love staying in and just enjoying the peace of the no children around while snuggling on the couch! Thank you for the tips! A night out or in by ourselves is rare here, but most definitely needed!

  10. I need a child free night out so bad. I can’t even remember the last time I had this, but having a new baby makes it hard.

  11. I’m still waiting on the day that I find the courage, to leave my kiddo with a sitter for a date night. It’s been 9 long months and I am so fearful with everything I see in the news or that I will not have pumped enough milk and my baby will be hungry. ):

  12. Child free nights are the best. My husband and I are boring though, we usually eat and see a movie. We’re low key.

  13. Staying in is the new going out. We often look forward to Netflix nights with good food. That’s actually on the agenda this weekend!

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