Alternative Tips For Rejuvenating Breaks

It becomes ever more important to plan what you’re going to do for a pampering session when you have a busy schedule.

Here, we’re going to look at a few ways to plan ahead, and some additional ideas for putting together a relaxing break.

Helpful apps
When it comes to planning a well-deserved treat for yourself, it can take some time to research the best options. If you’re thinking about taking a break at a health spa, or a similar type of retreat, there are great apps like Treatwell which provide all the information you could need to know about spas in your area.

Finding good deals
We’re never too far away from the necessity of good value for our money. When it comes to moms who treat themselves, in particular, it can be important that the treat fits in with the budget available for luxuries. Apps and sites like Groupon are designed for this exact reason and can be great for finding vouchers and special offers.

Adding luxury to your bath
Most of us are familiar with the range of bath salts and other products available to improve the experience. There are many techniques that have been used for centuries, however, going back to Egyptian times and before. One such approach is using milk and honey to enrich the quality of the bathing water.

The science behind it is that the lactic acid in milk is great for exfoliating, and honey is naturally skin softening and moistening. A general guide for the amount to use is around 1 – 2 cups of milk (full fat, and powdered if you prefer), and around ½ a cup of honey, poured into the bath while the water is still running.

Finding Peaceful Locations
When it comes to researching where to go on a full holiday, there are resources which are based on a location’s level of peacefulness. Here is a list of some recommendations for rejuvenating breaks across the world, where the priority is on finding a tranquil atmosphere.

Active Retreats
As any busy parent will know, we can often find it hard to make time for our own active pursuits because of our responsibilities. If you’re the type that likes to be active on holiday and looking for a way to develop yourself in a new direction, there are the ever more popular writing and yoga retreats.

If you’ve ever felt the inkling to get involved with a creative group of some type, a writing holiday can be a good way to follow an artistic avenue, where you can opt for a break with or without creative workshops, depending on what level of interaction you prefer. Similar can be said about a yoga retreat, which again, is another way of developing a particular skill while you are treating yourself to a break.

You could even contact us here to let us know about your experiences, and write a guest blog about these topics or any that you feel are related.

The simplest tip of them all…

Even if it’s not possible to take an extended break away, we can still set aside time each day where we let our family members know that we won’t be available for a certain amount of time. This could just be 15 minutes or more away from any particular activity, and or digital devices when we simply take a timeout.

There is an important psychological benefit to knowing that there will be a period in your day when you can clear your mind and be away from any stresses. Take this opportunity to stretch out your muscles as you relax, and settle into a restful position.

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  1. The other day I took a bath with essential oils and a bath bomb. It was super relaxing, and my skin felt amazing afterwards! We moms deserve a little (or a lot of) pampering. 🙂

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