Stay Looking Polished During Pregnancy! Dressing Your Baby Bump

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Pregnancy is a time of dramatic change when it comes to your body. While things like stretch marks and strange new stomach hair aren’t most women’s idea of fun when they’re growing a baby, there’s no doubt that it is fascinating watching your bump grow. The only problem is it can be confusing to know how to dress for your new shape. We still want to maintain our style and look good, but also be comfortable and wear clothes that are suited for a growing baby bump. Here are some tips to help you stay looking beautiful and polished throughout your pregnancy.

Choose Comfortable Yet Flattering Pieces

Pregnancy is hard on your body, and so comfort is a huge factor. Anything too restrictive is going to quickly have you feeling irritable, especially if you’re already exhausted and not able to move around in the same way you once did. Maternity leggings are comfortable, and allow you to move freely when you’re exercising or just for general wear. Team up with a maternity swing or skater dress in a stretch jersey fabric, and you have an outfit that’s both comfortable and flattering. This can be dressed up with a blazer and some accessories if you’re going out on a date with your partner or meeting friends. Or with a simple longline cardigan to wear during the day.

Think About Footwear

While you can wear heels during pregnancy, since your center of gravity changes they can make you unsteady on your feet. This can lead to trips and falls which are definitely bad news for pregnant women. If you’re always in heels then switching to flats can be a significant change, but they’re more comfortable and give you more stability too. But it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are lots of gorgeous flats, and flat boots you can buy that will make any outfit look stylish. Since pregnancy can enlarge a woman’s feet, you might need to opt for a wider fit than what you wore before conceiving your baby.

Do Your Hair and Makeup

One of the ways you can maintain your style throughout pregnancy (especially since your clothing choices are likely to change) is to do your hair and makeup. This can help you feel fresh and confident, and maintain a sense of ‘you.’ A light foundation base, some blush, and mascara can give you that wide-awake look, even if your actual sleep is a different story! Having your hair and makeup done will help you to feel like yourself, look nice and give you confidence.

While you will, of course, need to make some changes to your style and choices during pregnancy, it doesn’t mean you need to lose a sense of who you are. With so many great maternity options available these days, it’s easy to stay looking stylish during pregnancy.

How did you/ will you stay looking good during pregnancy? Is it important for you to keep your sense of style?

8 thoughts on “Stay Looking Polished During Pregnancy! Dressing Your Baby Bump

  1. Having someone around you that is very supportive during pregnancy and very understanding is a big plus. I remembered when I was pregnant, I was feeling awful all the time. And my feet was swollen pretty good as well. Great post lady thank you for sharing this beautiful picture.

  2. Having good foot support is SO important during pregnancy. When your feet get larger and all that pressure and swelling from you baby weight bears down … it will definitely kill your feet!

  3. I can’t wait to feel sexy when I get pregnant. That’s one thing I’m totally doing and I love your blog by the way. So fun. 🙂 Very interesting too. -Jocelyne from

  4. Oh it’s been years, and back then there was nothing cool and comfortable to wear. So, I looked crappy most of the time. Thank goodness things have changed and I see loads of beautiful pregnant women out there.

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