The Best Vitamins And Minerals For Your Growing Little Ones

Little ones need a varied and balanced diet so that their bodies can grow and develop as healthily as possible. One way parents like to give their kids’ diets a little boost is by giving them a daily vitamin and supplement to take with a meal. This ensures that they are getting their daily recommended allowance of essential nutrients. But which ones are worth it for your little ones? Here are some of the best that can improve their mental and physical health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a good all-rounder, and it can help the body fight off common health problems, such as colds and the flu. But it also has some other amazing positives that your kids will benefit from. It helps with the development and repair of muscle tissue and skin, so is useful when your children get slightly older and have to contend with acne! Make sure your kids eat lots of broccoli and tomatoes as these are excellent sources of the vitamin.


You will probably already know what calcium is good for  – bones and teeth! Plus, there are other significant benefits as it can improve heart health. You can find this in supplements such as AlgaeCal. There are hardly any AlgaeCal side effects, so it is suitable for all ages. There are plenty of calcium rich foods out there, including dairy products, tofu, and nuts.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

To make sure that your children’s brains develop regularly, they will need plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids can help the brain develop at a young age, but it is also useful for your children to continue taking supplements well into their teens as there is evidence that it can help improve intelligence. So ensuring your kids take Omega 3 might enhance their chances of getting into the college of their dreams! As well as in supplements, they can also get plenty from oily fish and green, leafy vegetables like kale.


One of the most common mineral deficiencies at the minute has to be an iron deficiency. If you think your children are suffering from this, then you should take them to the doctor straight away. They will probably recommend a daily supplement as well as eating plenty of red meat, spinach, and beans. Once they start to get enough iron, it will improve the health and quality of their red blood cells.

Vitamin A

We might not hear too much about vitamin A, but it is still an essential vitamin for little ones. Not only is it one of the best antioxidants that we can find in our diets, but it also promotes healthy development in young children. It is also needed for healthy eyes and immune systems. You can find this in foods such as dairy products, carrots, and squash.

It’s important that your children are getting as much of their daily recommendation of various vitamins and minerals as possible. If you are struggling to do this, see your family doctor for advice.

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