Moms: Maintaining That Close Bond With Your Teenager!

When your child turns a teenager, it can often be a testing time for your relationship. After all, they feel like they don’t need you at all. But in fact, it’s the time they need you the most in their life. After all, they are going through a wealth of changes and hard times where they need their mom beside them. However, you need to be so careful to ensure your relationship doesn’t become wayward and they end up pushing you away. Therefore, here are some tips for moms on maintaining that close bond with your teenager.

Be available when they want to talk

It can be challenging to be there for your teen when you are busy working long hours. But to ensure you keep a close relationship, you need to ensure they know you are there for them. So if they say they need to speak with you, make sure you make the time to ensure you can talk. And always tell them where you are going to be if they do need to speak. Make sure they understand that they can ring you at any time if they need anything. And if you think something is wrong, don’t push them to talk. Otherwise, they might close up and believe that you are interfering. Just tell them that you are there for them when they are ready. If they know you are a good listener, they are more likely to speak to you about any issues which are occurring. And you won’t have to worry you are being pushed out of their lives.

Find things you can do together

When you have a teen, it can be hard to find things that you can do together anymore. After all, they might not be so keen to do the cooking and crafting like when they were younger. But to ensure you keep a close relationship, you need to find things you can do together. For one thing, you might both love watching movies. Therefore, you might want to head to the cinema once a week or even watch a movie using the MovieBox App on your teen’s iPad. Or you might want to both join a class together. Zumba or yoga would be a great way to ensure you bond while staying fit at the same time. Find something that you both love which will ensure you maintain a close relationship.

Allow them to have some independence

The idea of giving your teen independence can fill most moms with horror. After all, they still feel like our babies. But if you want to ensure you keep a close bond with your teen, you need to make sure they are allowed some independence. For example, you might allow them to go to the shops with their friends on a Saturday. Or even allow them to go to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Your teen will be a lot more respectful, and you will have a closer bond if you allow them some space. Just make sure you know exactly who their friends are. And always pick them up to ensure they don’t walk home alone!

And make sure you take an interest in their life. Asking them about their friends and hobbies will show you care about what they are doing in their life.

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